Month: April 2015

Reading: Paris

I have less I’m reading for Paris.  Mostly because originally this trip was going to be London, and then Paris came along.  Actually originally this trip was going to be Ireland… it’s complicated.  Anyway, our Paris stay is also a bit shorter than London stay, so I’ve not gone as crazy with the reading.  

Reading: London

Well, I might as well confess right now. I’m a hopeless travel reading, studying, planning nerd.  And when it comes to travel, it’s a sickness. Seriously.  I mean, I own travel books for places we have no plans of visiting.  It just came up in conversation at one point, I got curious what it would

London, Paris, Bruges… Oh my!

A KEY arrived in the mail today!  I just held it and grinned like an idiot, because this key is to an apartment in PARIS!  That’s right, Paris!  Ah, Paris in the springtime… We are finally close enough to this trip to get a KEY in the MAIL!  I’m considering having it surgically attached to