Month: March 2016

Between Gate A22 and A14

“Should I run ahead?” she asked, a reflection of my stress in her eyes.

I only hesitate a moment before telling her, “Yes, go! Remember, Gate A14!” And she was off. I watched my recently turned 15-year-old daughter’s head bob in and out and around people in the growing distance as I speed-walked farther and farther behind.

Travel Philosophy

I recently ran into a former neighbor and friend I hadn’t seen in years. After the usual pleasantries, asking about each others kids and family, she told me she and her older daughter had traveled Europe for nearly a month over the Christmas break.  I, of course, was immediately full of questions, especially when she

Most definitely, the sweetest time we had on our trip was in Bilzen, Belgium.  It didn’t have the great monuments of the world, or museums or palaces like we had seen, but it has wonderful friends. Years ago Scott and I traveled with a team of people from our church in Virginia to visit a church