Month: April 2016

Padua, Italy Photography

When we first arrived in Padua, it was early and quiet.  Things were pretty empty but peaceful, a few tourists like us meandering.  The main town square, Pratto dello Valle, is a surprise.  I didn’t do it justice at all with the photos I took.  First, it is enormous.  It is such a large space, nothing

Assissi in Photos

I did one whole post of Windows of Assissi previously because I had so very many cool windows I had photographed in the town.  But Assissi was not at all limited to the windows, so here’s a look at other sites. As you approach Assissi, it really is beautiful.  A cluster of white buildings, dominated by

Windows of Assissi

These are from a trip I actually took several years ago, but in preparing to return to Italy, I began browsing my old pictures.  The last time I was in Italy I was with my Dad and Step-mom, which as an adult is very different than those kid vacations you remember growing up.  We travel

Doors of Paris

As we arrived at our apartment in Paris, I immediately loved the door we entered through from the street.  It was big, and green, and heavy, and I just thought it was great.   But then we got into the interior courtyard, and this was our interior entrance…   This is one of the things

NYC: Pottys, Pedicabs, Adrenaline

Katie, Lydia and I are people-dodging our way down a loud and crowded street in New York City.  So far we have ducked in and out of two stores, and are desperately seeking one of the roughly four million Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts in the Times Square vicinity.  Finally, we round a corner and spot

Siren Call of Planning

The daily demands of life, the run here, run there, doctor’s appointments, lessons, classes, meals and cleaning are overshadowed more and more by the fact that in just over one month I will once again be on a plane to Europe.  Sigh… my happy place. I’m having profound struggles with the siren call of TripAdvisor,

My Favorite Travel Guides

As I’ve said before, I LOVE planning.  I love reading about the places we are going to go, going to and reading through the possible activities, going to google maps and figuring out how far away things are.  I just really enjoy the whole process.  For me, it is a way of savoring the