Month: June 2016

Changing of the Guard, Athens

After our lunch we decided some walking was good, (did you see how much food that was??) and seeing something that didn’t lock us in to any time commitments was even better – given Scott’s screwed up body clock and the aforementioned possibility of face-planting.  So we headed in the direction of Syntagma Square and

Diogenes Lunch in Plaka, Athens

I am no longer husbandless!!  I no longer get a weird look when I am asked reason for travel, say “anniversary trip” and they look around for my other half. The dear husband had been through the trials and tribulations of international travel that seem to always happen to him.  So, he unpacked, we caught

“You Look Up, You See Acropolis, You Know Where You Are.”

So, as I get up and get started, enjoying a cup of coffee on my terrace, staring at the Acropolis, I find myself husbandless.  Some of you may think, “Whoo-hoo!  Party!”  But, I’m not really the “Whoo-hoo! Party!” kind of person.  Plus, this is my 20th Anniversary trip.  And I’m husbandless. The plan now is

The Athens Gate Hotel Review

The Athens Gate Hotel was my choice for the Athens portion of my 20th anniversary trip with my husband.  I read reviews and researched online, looking at location, pricing, views, and amenities of many options in the same general area, and in the end Athens Gate Hotel came out on top.  As we’ve all learned,

The Tale of a Terrace and a Pod

I sat on our terrace, watching the sun set and the lights begin to illuminate the Acropolis, and texted with my husband.  We spoke briefly on the phone, but his battery was about to die.  I tried to feel bad for him… stuck in a pod in Moscow…   I had arrived in Athens, and

Airport Nirvana – The Dream is Real

Usually when I am in an airport, I’m with the family.  So, getting to the no-turning-back point on the other side of security can be stressful.  Twice we’ve had incidents going through security.  Once one daughter really did have water in her backpack after she was so sure she didn’t.  She was pulled out of