Month: September 2016

Caryatids at the Acropolis. Map of Plaka Athens Things to Do

The Acropolis

Our first full day – at least together -in Athens, Scott and I were scheduled for a half day, private walking tour with Ari through <<<PKTravel>>>. Click <<<HERE>>> to visit their site, we were very happy with our tour.  They were very accommodating, and understanding even though we had to reschedule this last minute when Scott

Cats of Athens

One of the things I didn’t expect in Athens, was the sheer number of stray cats.  They are everywhere.  They are quite brazen about slinking around under your table as you eat, hoping for some dropped goodies, and were quite expert at avoiding being touched.  They have adapted to the environment quite well. I took

Lamp inside Melissinos, the Poet Sandal Maker's, shop. Map of Plaka Athens Things to Do

Melissinos, The Poet Sandal-Maker

Months before departing on our trip, I knew one of my stops in Athens would be Melissinos Sandal Shop.  I also knew that Scott would be bored out of his mind there, so I would have to either go without him, or make it a short stop – no matter how accommodating Scott was trying