Month: January 2017

The water taxi coming in to accept new passengers. Bangkok Chao Phraya Water Taxi

Chao Phraya: The Water Taxi Experience

Today, we remember with fondness(ish) the experience that is the Water Taxi on Chao Phraya, in the heart of Bangkok. As the wise philosopher, or hubby Scott, put it:  The Water Taxi on Chao Phraya is… an adventure for the senses. The people crowded around you, the rocking of the boat, the smell of water,

Fire Dancing in Koh Chang

Good News!  This post is not at all, not even the slightest bit, about us trying to fire dance, being burned by a fire dancer, or hitching a ride with a fire dancer.  Moms & Grandmas (and probably neurosurgeon and archery instructor who worry our antics)… You’re welcome. No one in our party attempted to

Koh Chang: Shopping, Smoothies & Monkey Warnings

Our one non-medical outing while staying at the Mercure, was when the Moms decided we had to go into “town” in the daylight – instead of during an emergency run to the pharmacy. When we announced our plan, two girls decided they wanted to come along, as long as it involved a lot of shade.

Koh Chang: Self-Medicating

As I said in my previous post about the Mercure, we had a very nice, restful few days on Koh Chang after our boat trip.  The one hitch in the whole thing was that my girl, Katie, managed to get badly sunburned the last day on the boat.  Her face was RED.  It looked so

Koh Chang: Mercure Hideaway

Being more wise in the ways of sailing trips than our family, our hosts had strongly recommended, and searched out, a resort stay for a few days after leaving the boat.  We now had three days of long, hot showers, food at the ready, and lounging at the beach. For this, we stayed at the

Travelers… Where are you going next??

I still in the midst of posting about our recent adventure to Thailand.  However, a great friend of mine asked, “Where are you going next?”  And guess what? I. have. no. idea. There are lots of places I could go to again, happily.  Older daughter and I both want to return to Paris.  Younger daughter

Thailand: Snorkeling a Sunken Ship

Although billboards in Thailand clearly showed people with my Galaxy S7 taking underwater pictures… I just don’t have the faith that the ‘water-resistant up to 5 feet for up to 30 minutes” means I can put it under water in the ocean and take pictures.  Unfortunately, that means you don’t get any cool underwater shots

Koh Mak Morning & Market

We had set sail, and then anchored off the coast of Koh Mak last evening.  Just the memory of watching the sun, and the sunrise, from the deck of a sailboat will be enough to get me back on a sailing vacation sooner rather than later. Since it was our last night on the boat,

Koh Kood Relaxation

This day on Koh Kood was to rest, relax, and enjoy the beautiful tropical weather.  And to have what turned out to be maybe the best meal we had out in a restaurant our whole trip.  The meal we compared the other meals to… but we’ll get to that. We had anchored off the coast

Sunset Dinner, Koh Kood Thailand

After the excitement of our Klong Chao waterfall experience, we had some well-earned downtime.  Most of our time on the sailboat was actually motor propelled, travelling from island to island.  But on this evening, we took some time to purely sail, including some time with the 1980 Christopher Cross hit ‘Sailing’ wafting through the boats

Thailand: Hitchhiking Koh Kood with Kids!

Our journey up the river was intended to bring us to the road where taxis pick up passengers, and our goal was a little waterfall about a kilometer and a half from where we were.  So, we arrived at the “intersection” and found… very little traffic.  And very little intersection. And the signage was… less