Bangkok / Thailand

Bangkok: Khao San Road

It’s hard to imagine the humble origins of Khao San Road as layered sign after neon-colored sign beckons to you, offering everything from sustenance, to chachkies, to items of questionable legality.

KhaoSan Sign

Those origins of the road are only alluded to in the name, which means ‘milled rice.’  The first hotel was a small one, serving the civil servants who came on business. Walking down Khao San today, just about anything you are looking for is offered.

Looking for hotels and hostels?  They are everywhere.  Tatto?  Massage?  They’ve got you covered.

Khaosan Street2

Pharmacy?  Fast Food?  Convenience Stores?  Check, Check, and Check.

KhaoSan Street3

If it’s night life you are after, the assortment of bars and restaurants seems never ending, the “night” in nightlife is clearly irrelevant judging by the traffic in and out just after lunch.

KhaoSan Souveniers

In just the short time we spent walking the road before snagging one of the ubiquitous Tuk Tuks, we were encouraged to shop for souvenirs, stop in at a bar, buy ourselves a scorpion on a stick, and get a fake ID.  And we were offered the fake IDs twice.  I’m not sure what that says about our group.

KhaoSan Scorpions

Yes, those are scorpions on sticks.  Sold right on the sidewalk for a snack.  And no, no we didn’t.

KhaoSan TukTuk Trio

The Tuk Tuks… a foreshadowing of a soon-to-come adventurous post…

KhaoSan Street1

Keep walking kids, keep walking.

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