Month: April 2017

Momcation: Considering Solo Travel… As a Mom

I am considering a ‘Momcation’ but… there’s a lot of guilt and questions that go along with trying that. The Me Before Husband and Kids Many, many moons ago, before I met my husband, I moved to a city in another state based on a phone discussion with one friend I had who had moved

Lunch in Ayutthaya

My husband, who has gone from Mr. Meat and Potatoes when we met and got married, to Mr. Texting Me Pictures of Silkworm Larvae and Octopus Balls (I’m not being crude there, that’s what it’s called on the menu.) when he is eating out for business travel, order this over our hosts frantic objections and warnings.

Ayutthaya Thailand Bangkok day trip travel with kids buddha head

Ayutthaya with Kids

Growing up in the United States, we don’t grow up with old.  When a building is 200 years old, we’re all “Ooooohhhhh, can you imagine?  This was built before great-grandma was born!”  The oldest structures we have to oooohh and aaaahhh over are things like the Richard Sparrow House, built in 1640 and the Wyckhoff

Paris: Musee d’Orsay

The first time around, as we walked down Quai Anatole France, the girls chattering away, looking at things like pigeons and trying to identify that yummy food smell.  I looked longingly at Musee d’Orsay as we walked by, knowing I wouldn’t be going in. When we were in Paris this past summer with our girls,

When TSA Makes You Laugh – In a Good Way

“Everything out of your pockets!  If you leave something in there, you’re going to get a little extra TLC from the TSA.  And if you are going to make us do that, we would prefer you buy us dinner first!” Kudos to him for making everyone’s least favorite part a little easier. First time I’ve

Terminal 21 – Bangkok Mall-ing It

At some point when you are planning your trip to Thailand (especially Bangkok), you are going to read in a guide book, or someone is going to helpfully insist, that you must go to a Thai mall while you are there.  And you are going to think, a mall?  Why would I take my precious

Snacking Through the Back Soi

It seems many of our memories of Thailand revolve around food.  (Come to think of it, a lot of our memories of a lot of our travel revolve around food.  Note to self, examine our family’s relationship with food…) Anyway! On this particular day, we took a walk down an easy-to-miss back street, near the