Month: June 2017

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Day Trip from Quebec City: Wineries and Treats of Ile d’Orleans

Yep.  That’s right, Mom goes away, and first thing out of the gate was a food.  That I didn’t prepare.  That people just brought to me, on trays!  😀  What a wonderful idea.

Terasse Duffering Chateau Frontenac Quebec City Canada solo female travel solo mom travel

Momcation: 21st Century Means You’re Not Really Away

Momcation in today’s connected world makes it really hard to disconnect from home. It takes a purposeful act of will to leave it behind. Momcation Starts off Strong At home, I walk.  I walk almost every day of the week, out my front door, walking at least 7000 steps before coming home and making breakfast.

Why Choose Quebec City Canada Solo Female Travel Macarons

6 Reasons to Choose Quebec City for your First Solo Female Travel

I’ve been asked a lot why I chose Quebec City for my first Solo-MOM-Travel. It’s really something I debated about a lot, and let me tell why I’m glad I chose QC!

Momcation: How Others React

And, like clockwork, the husband got a call.  No! No! No! STOP right there!  We said, once I booked the flight, that was it, there could be no-take-backsies!  He had to throw down the wife card and refuse any travel.  I never pull that card.  But we said we were using it here.

Alex Hai Gondola Ride Tour Venice Italy Private Romantic

Romantic Private Gondola Ride

When I returned to Venice with my hubby, I knew I only wanted to repeat a gondola ride if it was really important to him, and/or I knew I could arrange something a little more personal.  The researching began, and after much reading, I booked a private, romantic gondola ride…

Scala Contarini del Bovolo exterior photo Hidden Gem Top Secret Sights Venice Italy

Scala Contarini del Bovolo: Venice Hidden Beauty

The Scala Contarini del Bovolo literally means the ladder Contarini (a surname) of the snail. Standing before the palazzo, it’s not a stretch to see where the name originated. The steps were originally designed for the Contarini family, and the snail-like spiral of the steps is clear.

door athens anafiotika greece architecture flowers

10 Beautiful Doors of Athens

I’m not sure what it is, but I take a lot of pictures of doors when I travel to any European city, and my time in Athens was no exception.  Europeans seem to be so much more creative and beautiful in their creation of doors than we are. So, when I get home, I always