Month: July 2017

15 Travel Bloggers You Should be Reading

Travel Bloggers You Should Read

A couple of weeks back, I got the wonderful news, that I had been nominated for the Blogger Recognition award.  I’m flattered, thankful, and really appreciate that another blogger likes this blog enough to nominate me.  Thank you, so much, to Katy of The Tightwad Tourist for my nomination! Blogging is a weird thing to

Heidelberg: The Bread that Took Me Home

So, I pick up the bread, and I smell.  As soon as I smell the french bread, I close my eyes and I am in my grandmother’s kitchen, with the rolls that my grandfather used to pick up in the mornings.

Crowds gathered for Fireworks in Heidelberg Germany. Traveling Happy Plans Ruined

Heidelberg: Deciding to Enjoy When Travel Goes Bad

Nothing that happened today was what I had planned.  Well, aside from the fact that we did actually make it to Heidelberg, and we did, in fact, eat dinner.  And, I’m happy.  I’m enjoying the chaos and mish-mash of languages, and just the feel of being in a festive foreign city.

Front view of Manoir de la Terrasse Quebec City Canada Review

Quebec City: Manoir de la Terrasse Review

Manoir de la Terrasse was my first solo travel, which was in Quebec City, Canada. Here’s all you need to know about the hotel:

Dominique creating a silk scarf design in Soierie Huo. Quebec City shopping artisan souvenirs.

Quebec City: Where to Buy Authentic Souvenirs

Quebec City guide to shopping for artisan souvenirs: information, photos & locations for shops that provide unique souvenirs made in Quebec and Canada.