Month: August 2017

Interior of another 'cell' within the Studentenkarzer. Heidelberg Student Prison.

Heidelberg Studentenkarzer: Student Prison

A common attitude among students is the oppressive ‘prison’ that is school, usually accompanied by eye rolling, great tortured sighs and the whine of the persecuted when school and its requirements interfere with entertainment activities.  Not that this ever happens with my teens.  That I homeschool.  Nooooo…. So when I discovered Heidelberg University Studentenkarzer, a

Eclipse 2017 totality photos

Eclipse Totality Travel

Eclipse 2017: Totality Planning Many months ago, Scott had come to me, put some info on Eclipse 2017 in front of me, and asked me to research the best place in the United States to see the whole phenomenon.  So, I got to work.  There were SO many details and questions to sort through.  What

Assortment of cheese, meat and Sea Bucthorn juice in Fromagerie Des Grondines. Foodie Travel, St. Roch, Quebec City.

6 Foodie Stops in St. Roch Quebec City

As my front desk friend used my map to show me where to go see the things he was recommending, he circled one big section to the north east, and told me not to go there.  “It’s the poor section.”  He then went on to say no one would bother me, there just wasn’t anything

Original, wooden, spiral staircase in Morrin Centre library

Quebec City: Morrin Centre

Quebec City’s Morrin Centre has a history nearly as varied and long as Quebec itself. Touring this one building will walk you through periods of history and significant changes in the life of the city.

La Fresque du Petit-Champlain, depicting the history of life in the lower town.

Quebec City History in Murals

The murals of Quebec City tell the complex story of the city, the history of life and politics of a city so beloved by its inhabitants.  So here, I want to share with you the three murals I found the most beautiful and rich in history.