Month: September 2017

Newport, Oregon: The Quirky and Yummy Cafe Mundo

A series of fortunate (or un- depending on your perspective) events in our quest for places to eat in Newport, Oregon this evening led us to a quirky, healthy, and wonderful surprise in the form of dinner at Cafe Mundo.  And, as a result, it became my must-stop restaurant in town! We wanted to go

Hotel Zum Ritter St. Georg: Sleeping in the 2nd Most Photographed Site in Heidelberg

Did you now you can sleep in the 2nd most photographed site in Heidelberg, Germany?   The Hotel Zum Ritter St. Georg’s incredible architecture and rich history make this hotel a must-see, and when we found the rates were reasonable and competitive, we were sold. Given the choice when traveling, I love finding historic and

4 Top Oregon Coast Family Activities

Eclipse 2017 brought us to Oregon, but we didn’t just want to turn around and go home after the 2 minutes of totality! (Though it was amazingly cool and you should check out Katie’s awesome photos in This Post).  So… I did my research and found  activities I knew my family would enjoy, and we