Month: November 2017

Doors and windows of Burano island Venice Italy

Burano: Doors & Window Photography

There is no question that Burano island in Venice, Italy, is a photographer’s paradise, and I found my camera especially drawn to Burano’s colorful windows and doors.  I know most travelers head to Murano for the glass works, but if you are trying to decide between Murano or Burano, maybe this peek a Burano’s colorful

Burano Island for Travel Photography

Burano: Easy & Beautiful Day Trip from Venice

Before we arrived in Venice, I knew Burano was a must see for me.  I know most go to Murano, but in the decision between Murano or Burano, Burano is so much more colorful – it called to the photographer in me.  Just a quick internet perusal showed me the colorful homes, the canal reflections…

Rialto Market Venice | Venice Rialto Market | Venice Food Market

Rialto Market & Venice Fish Market

The Rialto Market, with its famous Venice fish market, is the most historic and extensive of the food markets in Venice.  You will definitely want to visit, whether it is to grab a snack, dinner ingredients, or just a feast for your camera. Looking for more items to add to your Must See list? Check