Month: January 2018

Puerto Morelos Things To Do, Puerto Morelos Map, Puerto Morelos Snorkeling & Scuba

Puerto Morelos Map of the Best Things To Do

On the northern edge of the Riviera Maya there are a surprising wealth of things to do in Puerto Morelos, possibly the last authentic, quiet fishing town on the Mexican Caribbean coastline.  An easy trip from more highly trafficked areas, this small town has purposely restricted commercial growth, keeping an entirely different vibe from the

Top 10 Isla Mujeres Things To Do

The ferry from Cancun to Isla Mujeres takes only 18 minutes, and the small island offers a surprising number of things to do.  From Isla Mujeres’ Punta Sur, to shopping, to the island’s famous snorkeling… your Isla Mujeres Things To Do list is stocked with what you are looking for.  For a partial or full

Where to Stay in Cancun: JW Marriott Cancun thorough review

Thorough JW Marriott Review: Where to Stay in Cancun

If you are trying to decide where to stay in Cancun, hopefully this thorough review of JW Marriott Cancun review based on a two week stay over the Christmas holidays, will help you out!  Two weeks gave us ample time to put our room to the test, sample the restaurants, use amenities, interact with the staff

Cancun Airport Arrival: What to Expect

Our travel to Cancun, Mexico was not one of my long-hoped-for and much-planned trips.   It was a somewhat short-notice change after the hurricanes came through this year.  (Though one daughter has been desperately wanting to swim in a cenote – you can read about where to swim in cenotes near Cancun here!)  So, our Cancun