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Non-Touristy Things to do in Paris

Knowing some non-touristy things to do in Paris to help you slow down and really absorb the atmosphere of this timeless and modern city.

Passage du Grand Cerf interior photo, passages couverts, Paris covered passages

Passages Couverts, Paris Covered Passages: Where they are, what’s in them, why they are important.

The Paris Covered Passages, or Passages Couverts, are architecturally beautiful, historic landmarks, perfect for free, rainy day exploration.

Map of section of the Rouen public transit system

Metro Rouen Guide & Historic City Centre Stops

This Metro Rouen Step-by-Step Guide will get you from the Gare de Rouen train station into the heart of the historic city centre (and back when your feet are tired).

Rouen Gros Horloge | Rouen Day Trip | Is Rouen Worth Visiting?

Train from Paris to Rouen Day Trip: Is Rouen Worth Visiting?

Is Rouen Worth visiting? A Rouen day trip has Gothic architecture, medieval streets, and Joan of Arc sites. Take the train from Paris to Rouen and go!

Day trips from paris by train | Rouen Medieval Street

Beautiful & Easy Day Trips from Paris by Train

Day trips from Paris by train are very easy. Knowing how to make these trips happen, and which day trips from Paris by train appeal to you, is even better!

Things To Do in Nancy France – Map Included!

Nancy France is a beautiful and historic city easily reached by train from Paris, or Strasbourg. The city is worth the trip whether you are interested in the stunning Place Stanislas, medieval old town, UNESCO world heritage sights, or the gorgeous art nouveau and stained glass of the Charles III area. A Nancy France map

Rue des Orfevres Strasbourg Shopping

Strasbourg Shopping Guide

Strasbourg shopping has something for everyone in the Grand île historic area. Explore 3 best areas for shopping in Strasbourg and find what you need!

Colmar Day Trip | Colmar Map | Colmar Top Sites | Colmar Historic Walk | Small Towns in France | Colmar France

Colmar Day Trip: Historic Sites Guide (with Map!)

Colmar, France, is incredibly photogenic and rich in historical architecture.  The city is also very walkable, with the historic area easily reached from the train station.  By train, Colmar is only 30 minutes from Strasbourg, and an ambitious but doable 2.5 hours from Paris.  The accessibility, history, and beauty make a Colmar day trip ideal.

Colmar Day Trip | Colmar Map | Colmar Top Sites | Colmar Historic Walk | Small Towns in France | Colmar France

Best Day Trips from Strasbourg France

Day trips from Strasbourg, France give you the opportunity to explore the beautiful Alsace region.  Even better is the train system that makes it wonderfully convenient to hop all over the area.  So, grab your camera, buy your tickets, and enjoy these scenic day trips from Strasbourg. . Strasbourg: The Ideal Home Base My home

Strasbourg Tram Guide | Strasbourg Tram Map | Things To Do in Strasbourg France

Strasbourg Tram Step-by-Step Guide

Step-by-step Strasbourg Tram Map and Guide (with pictures) to get you on the Strasbourg Tram system and to whatever sites are calling to you.

Day Trips from Strasbourg France | Petite France in Strasbourg | Things to do in Strasbourg France | Strasbourg France Things To Do

10 Best Things To Do in Strasbourg France

The Best Things To Do in Strasbourg, France (with map!) to plan your unforgettable visit to this beautifully preserved, UNESCO site, city! 

| Paris to Strasbourg Day Trip | Paris to Strasbourg Train | Strasbourg Train Station

Paris to Strasbourg Train Day Trip

Oh, how I love the train system in Europe.  With it, so many things are possible – and today I want to share how you can use the Paris to Strasbourg train to make a Paris to Strasbourg day trip work for you! The first and most important tip for you to be thinking about

Step-by-step guide to Paris CDG Train station | Paris airport train station | Paris charles de gaulle train station | Paris to Strasbourg Day Trip | Paris to Strasbourg Train | Strasbourg Train Station

Step-by-Step Guide to Paris CDG Train Station

Flying in to Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport offers a gateway to exploring the rest of Europe.  For me, train is always the transportation of choice if possible, and the Paris airport train station connects the Paris airport to a stunning number of locations across Europe.  Knowing how to get from your incoming flight

Paris: Musee d’Orsay

The first time around, as we walked down Quai Anatole France, the girls chattering away, looking at things like pigeons and trying to identify that yummy food smell.  I looked longingly at Musee d’Orsay as we walked by, knowing I wouldn’t be going in. When we were in Paris this past summer with our girls,

Eiffel Tower in Photos

It may be one of the most photographed structures in the world… but that doesn’t mean I can’t add a few of my own.  I actually have no clue how many photographs I took of the Eiffel Tower while in Paris, let’s just say there are some who probably think too many.  And they are

Doors of Paris

As we arrived at our apartment in Paris, I immediately loved the door we entered through from the street.  It was big, and green, and heavy, and I just thought it was great.   But then we got into the interior courtyard, and this was our interior entrance…   This is one of the things

Paris: Eiffel Tower

Three AM local time in California, my phone alarm went off.  I turned over in bed, bleary-eyed fumbling to shut off the noise, and with the same lack of coordination pulled my laptop onto the bed, booting it up.  From the depth of darkness beside me, Scotty rolled his face away from the glare, not

Paris: Unscheduled

We enjoy being together as a family.  We have fun together.  I like being with my kids, as unlikely as that may seem according to popular TV.  However, I recognize that continuing to enjoy being together requires a certain amount of upkeep and maintenance.  So, in recognition of this, a solemn promise was made to

Picnic Versailles | Fat Tire Bike Tour Versailles | Versailles with Kids | Versailles with Children | Best way to see Versailles with kids | Bike Versailles |

Versailles: Picnic, Biking, & Food Market with Kids

During our time in Paris, I made sure to book the best tour of Versailles with kids I could find.  For our family, that was not a cattle-herded shuffle through the palace and back home – that was a Fat Tire Bike Tour of Versailles.  After all, kids and teens are much happier biking the

Paris: Wego Walking Tour

Saturday, our first full day in Paris, and we had a walking tour with Wego Walking Tours.  From what I read, they are unique because there is no charge for the tour.  As long as you show up.  If you don’t show, they do have your credit card information and will charge 20 euro.  But

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