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Hotel Zephyr San Francisco, USA | Instagrammable Hotel San Francisco

Hotel Zephyr San Francisco Review

When choosing a hotel in San Francisco, I was looking for something that would provide a home base more interesting than the basics for myself and my teen daughter.  When I stumbled across the Hotel Zephyr San Francisco, I loved the quirky photos of the colorful interior, and the communal areas that seemed so inviting.

8 Things To Do in San Francisco with Kids

Headed to San Francisco with kids and trying to figure out how to make it an enjoyable time for everyone?  Completely understand.  I’ve wanted to go to San Francisco for years and was eager to finally get to go recently.  But, since my daughter was going to be going with me, I started being my

San Francisco Tile Stairs | Stair Murals | Stair Mural | Moraga Street Tile Stairs

San Francisco’s Stair Mural: Instagrammable Community Project

The 16th Avenue tile stairs in San Francisco’s Sunset District went from utilitarian, if long, neighborhood steps to beautiful, instagrammable attraction, regularly drawing tourists to walk the length and photograph.  The sunset neighborhood tile stairs is actually one long stair mural, made up of layers of smaller stair murals in vibrant colors.  Creation of this

San Francisco Ferry Building Marketplace | San Francisco Ferry Building History | San Francisco Ferry Building Restaurants | Ferry Building San Francisco Restaurants

San Francisco Ferry Building History & Marketplace

The San Francisco Ferry Building history is wrapped up in the history of the great city itself.  Today, tourists and locals alike flock to the building seeking the raved about San Francisco Ferry Building restaurants, the Farmers Market, or the yummy wares of the artisan shops that line central nave of the beautiful building.  By