Fernweh.  I stumbled across this word recently, and I LOVE it.  It’s my new favorite word.  Fernweh.  It sounds, to me, vaguely Celtic, and with the soft ending, wistful.  Which is kind of fitting.

Fernweh literally means “farsickness” or a “longing for distant places” and I’ve also heard it described as being sad and discontent when not traveling. A desire to go out in the world.

So, it’s like homesickness, but in reverse.  And yes, that sounds about right.

The catch for me is – it’s not just me.  I’m a wife.  And a Mom, twice over.  And not just a mom, but a stay at home, homeschooling mom.  How did I ever wind up here?!

I love my family.  Really.  I know, I know.  Everyone says that.  It’s like a rule.  But really, I do!  And not only that, I LIKE them.  (Imagine that.)  I would choose to be with them.  I know, it’s all kinds of crazy.

And I LOVE homeschooling and am so glad we made that decision years ago. In fact, we just hit that stopping point we had set out for ourselves.  Or at least a reconsidering-point.  High School.  Our older daughter is starting High School next year, and that is when we always said we would re-evaluate this whole homeschooling thing.  Do we continue and home school her all the way through?  Or do we make the transition into public high school?  And we just decided we are going to home school all the way through – with the decision being unanimous between daughter, husband & I.

To complicate things, the past few years our older daughter had a debilitating condition that wound up requiring 2 brain surgeries.  So while travel wasn’t even a ranking concern at that point, it still happened on a couple of very ‘this could get canceled at any moment’ type of occasions.

So, what I’m saying here is, I’m Fernweh, but with other – chosen, good, and not – obligations that make fulfilling this desire  quite difficult.


We have fit some travel in – mostly tropical, beach vacations with the whole family.  There have been other trips, too: a week in Vegas with Hubby which is a story in and of itself, a trip to Italy with Hubby for 10th anniversary, a mission trip to Belgium with Hubby and some others from our church, and another trip to Italy for me with my Dad and Step-Mom.  While to many this may seem abundant, and even extravagant, it’s still been much less frequent than I would like.

However, in few weeks, we will be going on one trip as a family that I am getting ridiculously excited about.  I Literally skipped into my office after I booked one piece of it the other day, causing my younger daughter to stare, slack-jawed, and announce, “I have never seen you skip!” And she hasn’t.  I’m not a skipper.  But I skipped, because I’m so excited.

I’m hoping this will be the beginning of more opportunities to travel now that we are all healthy and children are old enough to handle their own bags and remember what we are seeing.  Hubby still has a ‘job’-thing (Oh wait – that pays for travel, I <3 his job!), and we still do have to teach the girls things that require actual book-learning, so there are some restrictions.  But maybe, just maybe, a little more travel is in my future.

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