NYC in Photos

Every once in a while, my camera drags me to New York City – and I usually drag some family along so I can pretend we’re there for a show or a doctor’s appointment or something.

Often, my strategy on hotels it to choose something with a pretty good location, but I don’t care about frills.  It’s just the place I sleep, and what do I care about the niceties?  But this time, I sprang for a view!


Being in Times square meant that I could play with all those lights at night, only having to take a short walk.

NightLights Watermark

During the day I was always playing with the lines and colors and repetition.

FireEscapes WatermarkBuildingFrontsAbstract Watermark

And black and white always works.  This New Yorker shot is one of my favorites.  I might have to frame this.

NewYorker Watermark


Empire State Building in Black and White:

EmpireState Watermark

And Macy’s:

Macys Watermark

And it seems no matter where I am, I like the details.

Columntops WatermarkColumns Watermark


Sometimes I don’t even have to leave my hotel to get an interesting picture:

MarriottInterior Watermark




New York City.jpg

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