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Heidelberg  Studentenkarzer: Student Prison
Germany / Heidelberg

Heidelberg Studentenkarzer: Student Prison

A common attitude among students is the oppressive ‘prison’ that is school, usually accompanied by eye rolling, great tortured sighs and the whine of the persecuted when school and its requirements interfere with entertainment activities.  Not that this ever happens with my teens.  That I homeschool.  Nooooo…. So when I discovered Heidelberg University Studentenkarzer, a … Continue reading

Plaka: Ancient Athens Agora
Athens / Greece

Plaka: Ancient Athens Agora

Maybe it’s a holdover of some elementary or middle school lesson I had, but Agora always only means ‘marketplace’ in my mind, so that’s what I think of when I walk through Athens Agora.  In reality, however, the Agora was a large meeting place that might house a market one day, a theater performance the … Continue reading