Siren Call of Planning

The daily demands of life, the run here, run there, doctor’s appointments, lessons, classes, meals and cleaning are overshadowed more and more by the fact that in just over one month I will once again be on a plane to Europe.  Sigh… my happy place.

I’m having profound struggles with the siren call of TripAdvisor, other travel blogs, and guidebooks… mmmm… guidebooks.  My brain is deep in Italy and Greece, not so much in Algebra these days.  There is a truly impressive list of things I need to get done in this next month before we go, and it is a serious fight to get my brain there.  I’m done, I’ve mentally checked out.  I’m ready to travel.

I greatly prefer reading about the Medicis to ordering standardized testing for the kids.  Somehow when I am registering the girls for camp, I find myself on Google Maps street view in Athens and I have no idea how it happened.  It’s like magic.  My computer loves me and just takes me there, and I get lost.

Usually, I plant myself in my husband’s office and hash out the schedule for the rest of the week – Instead I’m emailing him the choices of pizza- and gelato-making classes in Florence, asking if he wants to come with or just chill on his own and leave that to me?

It will all come together.  It always does.  I begrudgingly focus on daily needs, trying to get that out of the way as efficiently as possible.  Then I return to my maps and books and online reviews and continue the plan-a-thon.



3 thoughts on “Siren Call of Planning

  1. Oh, Tuscany, you’re coming over here, excellent! You must be overwhelmed already but maybe you can find some ideas on my blog… Heavily recommended: Il giardino dei tarocchi, Pitigliano, Sovana, Terme Saturnia (if you plan to go so much to the south of Tuscany which is where all these are located). Bienvenuta! 🙂

    1. 😀 Somewhere in my next couple of posts, I’m going to show a picture of the books I’ve been reading, highlighter in hand, and it’s a little crazy! But I love this part of it, too, so I don’t mind. I get really absorbed in the planning, how to make things work, what will my husband willingly tag on for, what will he look at my like I’ve lost my mind over. The fun!

      We will probably not be going south much. We are going to be in Athens, Venice, then Florence. We will only go south from there to catch our flight out of Rome. But I’ll wave toward you! And I’ll take any tips on those locations, as well as day trip to Pisa and Lucca.

      1. How will you travel from Florence to Rome? You will pass by me, in any case. 🙂 I have only been twice to Florence for a very short time and only saw the most obvious attractions. I’ve been to Pisa and Lucca as well, and I LOVED Lucca. Its cathedral is probably the most magnificent I’ve seen (+ the one in Orvieto, Umbria). I have not wandered around there yet but I know there is the magnificent Devil’s Bridge north of Lucca. In any case, you cannot go wrong in Tuscany – it’s so beautiful anywhere you turn. Have a great time!

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