The Best Laid Plans – Subject to Protest

Soon, after weeks apart while my husband travels for work, I will get to meet up with him in Athens.  Our 20th Anniversary is this summer, and we are spending two weeks together in Greece and Italy.  I’ve been looking forward to this trip for over a year.

But the thing about travel is, you never know what is going to happen between making the plans and arrival.  The BBC tells me in a news story today that there are large protests going on again in Syntagma Square, one metro stop down the street from our hotel, and right in the tourist areas.  Our plans include going to the parliament building where the protest is going on, spending some time in the National Garden that runs between our hotel and the parliament, and strolling the street that runs west from the square.

Sigh.  I have no problem with the Greek people holding protests.  I’m probably not as informed as I should be to have an opinion about the conflict, and it is definitely their right to protest.   We in the States have definitely taken advantage of that right regularly. And it’s not like they are going to decide to hold off b/c the our vacation might be interrupted.   Though, I do kind of like the idea of requiring any nation planning any disrupting-and definitely any potentially violent-national actions, to check our itinerary first.  So if any countries want to jump on board with that, it would be really appreciated.

As they say, best laid plans.  These particular plans have had to be held loosely for a while now.  Originally, we were to be taking a cruise (our first ever cruise!) departing from Venice, stopping at a places like Dubrovnik, a number of Greek islands, ancient Ephesus, and ending in Istanbul. But, a number of months ago as the conflict between Russia and Turkey escalated, we decided to take our refundable out and just focus on Athens and Italy sans cruise.

And now Athens is having their issues boil up.  Ah well.   It’s entirely possible the protests will blow over in the next week, and it will all be fine.  We go on with our plans as expected, and I continue looking forward to our private walking tour of the Acropolis, as well as Syntagma Square, and the garden, etc.

Or things will get worse, and we will make some shifts last minute.  There’s not much we can do right now, so we wait and see.

Wish us luck!

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