Travelers… Where are you going next??

I still in the midst of posting about our recent adventure to Thailand.  However, a great friend of mine asked, “Where are you going next?”  And guess what?

I. have. no. idea.


There are lots of places I could go to again, happily.  Older daughter and I both want to return to Paris.  Younger daughter says she’d do London again.  Italy always makes me happy…


In reality, I think I owe my husband something tropical – his preference for travel.  So maybe French Polynesia?

There’s such a big world out there, and so many places I want to go… but I don’t feel inspired by one location calling to me at the moment.  Which is weird.  I’ve been planning one trip or another for so long… I’m not sure what to do with this?

So… I know there are a lot of you travel bugs out there… where are you going next?

8 thoughts on “Travelers… Where are you going next??

  1. I’ve just moved back to Sweden from New Zealand, so my next destination will definitely be somewhere in Europe. I’m thinking I might want to start with Denmark or Finland, because I’ve never been to either, and they’re literally right next door! 🙂

    1. Ooh… I just started a master list of any location that pops to mind (or that springs from the pages of a travel magazine – I have a stack backlogged from the last trip). The FIRST location on the list I started mere moments ago: Denmark/Norway/Finland. Husband and I were returning from France 2 years ago, and had an overnight layover in Copenhagen, but we arrived at 11pm, and flew out too early to see anything except the view out our hotel window. I really regretted that we didn’t just tack on 2 days or something to be able to see more, so I think that should be on there somewhere. How wonderful you now live right next door!

      AND – hope all went back moving back to Sweden! I would love to live in a different country, and have tried to get my husband to seriously consider the idea, but he’s so far been unmoved. :-/ I envy your opportunity.

      We’ve also discussed visiting New Zealand in the past (#6 on the aforementioned brain-storming list). Thanks for stopping in to share your plans & ideas!

        1. 😀 Insanely nice is always good. And there’s a vote for New Zealand, too! We’ve done several Europe trips. And while I have to admit, I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it and there’s still a long list of location there I’d like to see – I do feel like exploring some more areas of the world would be good. Especially while our kids are home and will go with us. New Zealand is in a whole quarter of the world that is as yet unexplored by us, so there’s some definite possibility there.

  2. Off to Iceland in the morning!! Wooo. Paris in March, Budapest in May, Dubrovnik in June, Barcelona in August and somewhere wintery come September. Happy days!

    Make sure you check out my blog for the updates! It’s looking like a busy year… 🙂

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