Month: October 2016

Roman Agora in Plaka, Athens. Map of Plaka Athens Things to Do

Athen’s Roman Agora

I’m not sure exactly what we were expecting the Roman Agora to be, but it wasn’t this.  Mostly, it’s a big empty field, with ruins bordering it.  And the weird thing is that we could step right up on the ruins and touch things, which was so disorienting we kept looking for the signs that

Athens: Plaka in Photos

I love travel books.  Often, when browsing a bookstore, I find myself in front of the travel books and maps of foreign cities.  The debate begins: I don’t need another travel book.  I really don’t need another travel book on my shelf.  Am I even ever going to go to Bucharest? …Well, I mean, look

Eiffel Tower in Photos

It may be one of the most photographed structures in the world… but that doesn’t mean I can’t add a few of my own.  I actually have no clue how many photographs I took of the Eiffel Tower while in Paris, let’s just say there are some who probably think too many.  And they are

New Acropolis Museum

The New Acropolis Museum stands starkly out from the landscape of Athens.  It is a modern, black and glass building, with the top floor perched oddly askew.  But for an up close view of the of collections of antiquities, there’s not a better way to do it. And as it turns out, the top floor

Athens: Arch Hadrian, Temple Zeus

After our time at the Acropolis, Ari (see This Post for details) walked with us over the the Arch of Hadrian and the Temple of Olympus Zeus, regaling us with stories of Greek history and current political intrigue. In previous travels, Scott and I had found to what extent much of European citizen’s concept of