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Rouen Gros Horloge | Rouen Day Trip | Is Rouen Worth Visiting?

Train from Paris to Rouen Day Trip: Is Rouen Worth Visiting?

Is Rouen Worth visiting? A Rouen day trip has Gothic architecture, medieval streets, and Joan of Arc sites. Take the train from Paris to Rouen and go!

Day trips from paris by train | Rouen Medieval Street

Beautiful & Easy Day Trips from Paris by Train

Day trips from Paris by train are very easy. Knowing how to make these trips happen, and which day trips from Paris by train appeal to you, is even better!

1 Day in Bamberg Day Trip by Train

A Bamberg Day Trip by train is an easy, historic, and photo-rich day trip from Nuremberg. If you have 1 day in Bamberg, check out these easily walkable sites from the train station!

Castle Thurn and Taxis Day Trips from Nuremburg by Train

2 Beautiful & Easy Day Trips from Nuremberg by Train

Ready to plan your day trips from Nuremberg? Let me help you with two options that have beautiful UNESCO old towns, and are easy to reach by train.

Colmar Day Trip | Colmar Map | Colmar Top Sites | Colmar Historic Walk | Small Towns in France | Colmar France

Colmar Day Trip: Historic Sites Guide (with Map!)

Colmar, France, is incredibly photogenic and rich in historical architecture.  The city is also very walkable, with the historic area easily reached from the train station.  By train, Colmar is only 30 minutes from Strasbourg, and an ambitious but doable 2.5 hours from Paris.  The accessibility, history, and beauty make a Colmar day trip ideal.

Colmar Day Trip | Colmar Map | Colmar Top Sites | Colmar Historic Walk | Small Towns in France | Colmar France

Best Day Trips from Strasbourg France

Day trips from Strasbourg, France give you the opportunity to explore the beautiful Alsace region.  Even better is the train system that makes it wonderfully convenient to hop all over the area.  So, grab your camera, buy your tickets, and enjoy these scenic day trips from Strasbourg. . Strasbourg: The Ideal Home Base My home

| Paris to Strasbourg Day Trip | Paris to Strasbourg Train | Strasbourg Train Station

Paris to Strasbourg Train Day Trip

Oh, how I love the train system in Europe.  With it, so many things are possible – and today I want to share how you can use the Paris to Strasbourg train to make a Paris to Strasbourg day trip work for you! The first and most important tip for you to be thinking about

Burano Island for Travel Photography

Burano: Easy & Beautiful Day Trip from Venice

Before we arrived in Venice, I knew Burano was a must see for me.  I know most go to Murano, but in the decision between Murano or Burano, Burano is so much more colorful – it called to the photographer in me.  Just a quick internet perusal showed me the colorful homes, the canal reflections…