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Least awkward selfie I have, not being of the generation that grew up doing this! Redeemed by the fact that it’s taken in Czechia.

Hi!  Nice to meet you and so glad you stopped by to chat.  I’m Megan, the person and voice behind Wandertoes.

Through years as a homeschooling mom, fitting travel in wherever I’m able, I’ve discovered a passion for the evolution of places in Europe.  I love to research the locations I visit.  When were they initially founded and why? What was the driving force behind building up, tearing down, the rebirth, the re-purposing? I’m especially happy when finding a place with a completely unpredictable and weird use or history. Digging in to all of this drives me to, in some opinions (like my husband and kids) ridiculous amounts of research and note making and yes, sharing this information as we go.  In their defense, the lovely humans living with me smile and nod and let me enjoy my thing, even occasionally getting interested themselves.  (Dog, cat, & lizard want food. That’s pretty much the extent of their interest.  And really – been there, I get it.)

Now as empty nest approaches, I am taking more time to explore.  Finding more places with a history that draws me in, shocks me, or makes me laugh.  And, of course, I’m eating the food and enjoying the beautiful as I go.  What’s life without a little more of that?

C’mon, let’s find some cool stories.


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  1. We homeschooled our two daughters, too, Meg, and one of the big side benefits was being able to go places on vacation when other people weren’t around. 🙂 I love to travel, too, and hope to continue to be able to do so for many, many years.


    1. I have to admit, Janet, that is one of those bonuses about homeschooling that we love! Travel off season is glorious! And I see your profile pic has you with a horse, my younger daughter is a hunter-jumper. LOVES horses, and would give up food if she had to, to keep riding. 🙂 You havea a great day, and thanks for stopping by.

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