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I have always loved travel, since the early days when my father, who was in sales, would get reward trips and we would go as a family.  Travel was a time when parents played, we ate out, we tried new things, everyone explored, and we did a lot of relaxing.  I clearly remember leaving Hawaii when I was twelve years old, and being profoundly sad at the departure.  (Of course, it was Hawaii, it’s hard not to be sad when leaving!)

Maui December 8 2009 002

Lydia age 6 (Left) and KatieRose age 8 (Right), smiling and happy in baggage claim on Maui – after that looooong flight!

We are now a homeschooling family, which I never would have predicted in my younger years.  I spend a lot of my days driving teens hither, thither & yon getting to classes and activities and clubs, while my hubby travels over 1/3 of the year for work.  In between, I try to fit in as much travel as I can, for the family as a whole, for Scott and I together, and soon, on my own!  I knew we had a real future in this travel thing when I was able to take a smiling picture of our girls at baggage claim in Hawaii after the looong flights from the East Coast, when they were 6 & 8 years old.

Over the years Scott and I have been to a number of stateside locations including Park City, Utah, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Napa Valley, California, St. Petersburg and Orlando, Florida, Big Sky, Montana, San Antonio Texas, Las Vegas, Nevada, and more, as well as to the Bahamas, Italy, Greece and Belgium.  We’ve taken the girls to England, France, Belgium, and Thailand.  And I always have at least one trip on the drawing table.

We are not recording ever more wild and off-the-beaten path trips.  We’re not making this travel happen on $10 a day, nor have we quit work world to become permanent nomads. We are a family carving out the time to see the world, while still doing the career, school, commitment thing at home, too.

As we go, we will share our adventures, our laughs, our photography, and our reviews on the restaurants, activities and hotels we find ourselves in.  Come on along for the ride.

As always, the journey continues…


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  1. We homeschooled our two daughters, too, Meg, and one of the big side benefits was being able to go places on vacation when other people weren’t around. 🙂 I love to travel, too, and hope to continue to be able to do so for many, many years.


    • I have to admit, Janet, that is one of those bonuses about homeschooling that we love! Travel off season is glorious! And I see your profile pic has you with a horse, my younger daughter is a hunter-jumper. LOVES horses, and would give up food if she had to, to keep riding. 🙂 You havea a great day, and thanks for stopping by.

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