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Strasbourg shopping has something for everyone in the Grand île historic area.  Whether you are looking for name brand shops, that forgotten item, the perfect keepsake, or a foodie treat, shopping in Strasbourg will offer it up!

Let’s face it, most of us shop when we travel. In fact one of my best things to do in Strasbourg was shopping!  Sometimes it’s a gift, sometimes it’s a memento for ourselves.  Sometimes, not of course that this has ever happened to me, we need to replace a pair of shoes weren’t nearly as “walk all day” as we thought, or buy a jacket when the weather takes an unexpected turn.  If you are looking for where to pick up that perfect item, this little guide to the shopping in Strasbourg areas on the Grand île will help you out.

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Four main Strasbourg shopping areas:

  1. Kléber Square & Rue des Grandes Arcades – home to the famous Christmas market, but also offers name brand shops like Hermés, Addidas, Pandora, Superdry, Monoprix (a French Target), and LOTS of lingerie.
  2. Rue des Orfèvres – finer gifts of leather, jewelry, chocolate, & wine, with some restaurants if you are getting hangry.
  3. Cathedrale Strasbourg area – typical touristy shopping, but some nicer gifts finds if you look
  4. Grand’Rue – practical items, with a few foodie shops, restaurants, a laundromat, and upscale shops too.


Strasbourg Shopping: Kléber Square & Rue des Grandes Arcades

Place Kleber | Strasboug Shopping | Things to do in Strasbourg France | Strasbourg France Things To Do

Kléber Square is home to the famous Strasbourg Christmas market, so if you are shopping in Strasbourg from November 22nd – December 30th you will definitely be shopping here. The rest of the year this central square still offers some of the great basics. 

Starbucks is right on the square, so if you love those travel mugs this is where you’ll get them.  Also bordering the square is Monoprix, France’s answer to the Super Target.   The main floor of Monoprix has clothes, make up, and accessories, and if you take the escalator downstairs, you’ll find a grocery that also includes some refrigerated prepared foods and nice wines at the best price you’ll find.

Rue des Grandes Arcades borders Kléber Square, and it made me happy.  First, it has a Desigual store and I love all the brightly colored and patterned clothing. It is another of my must-stops when I find one in a new city.  Second, it has McDonalds!  If you’ve read my non-touristy things to do in Madrid post, you’ll know the silly and valid reasons I indulge my daughter, taking her to McDonald’s once in every city we visit when abroad. 

Rue des Grandes Arcades offers many, many Strasboug shopping options, many brand name.   You can find leather from Hermés, sportswear at Addidas, Pandora jewelry, and LUSH bath and skincare products, just to name a few.  There is also a surprisingly high volume of lingerie shops considering the total number of stores!  Also noteworthy is the Pharmacy about halfway down the length of the street.

My favorites:

  • Starbucks – because I love it.
  • Monoprix – anything you forgot?  Get it here!  (And some wine, too.)
  • Desigual – clothing, bags, and accessories
  • LUSH – all organic bath products and skincare
  • McDonald’s – Hahahahaha….  I love you Lydia-girl.
  • Yves Rocher – Cosmetics
  • Pharmacy – because I always seem to need something


Shopping in Strasbourg’s Rue des Orfèvres

Rue des Orfevres Strasbourg Shopping

I just loved this little street when I was wandering my way around shops in Strasbourg.  It is only a side street off of Place de la Cathedrale, so I could have included it in that section.  But location is really the only similarity between these two spots.  First, it has Pylones, which is ALWAYS a favorite stop of mine.  I buy glasses cleaning cloths featuring iconic scenes from famous cities, and sometimes a scarf here whenever I find a Pylones in a new city.

But beyond my own obsession, there are several very nice shops and restaurants here.  Carpe Diem has beautiful jewelry.  There is a Kiehl’s here, which is actually a NYC based company that specializes in face and body care products of all kinds.  There is also Le Tanneur, a fine leathers store, and Marionnaud Perfumerie.

Again, I’m going to be all about food and tell you a great stop is Patissier Traiteur.  It is a pastry shop with mouth-watering stacks of deliciousness in the windows.  It is also a relatively easy and quick place to stop in and get light-lunch type items to eat at one of a few tables, or take with you on the go.  It makes a great stop if you are starting to get hangry but aren’t interested in a full sit-down lunch.

My favorite Rue des Orfèvres Strasbourg Shopping : 

  • Pylones – Colorful & funky household gadgets, scarves, bags, & accessories
  • Patissier Traiteur – Pastry shop great for a treat or quick & delicious lunch
  • Serenissime – Bags, jewelry, & accessories
  • Marionnaud – Perfumerie


Cathedrale Strasbourg Shopping Area

Shopping in Strasbourg Cathedrale area

The Cathedrale Strasbourg is the top tourist attraction in Strasboug.  So, it comes as no shock that you will find a lot of touristy shops lining Place de la Cathedrale.  If you want post cards, key chains, or wallets that say Strasbourg across them, this the place.  I have to say, if you have a young child, this is the exciting place to get something.  I can’t tell you how many keychains with KATIE plastered across them we purchased before she grew out of that.  But, hey, I still always buy postcards and hang them on the wall!

In truth, there are some nice finds here, too.  Take the time to look through and you will find some fine linen gifts, specialty serving dishes, fine jewelry and more.  If you get beyond the items stacked outside the doors, you just might find yourself a treat.


Grand’Rue Strasboug Shopping

Strasbourg Grand'Rue | Things to do in Strasbourg France | Shopping in Strasbourg | Strasbourg France Things To Do

Grand’Rue is about a 1/3 of a mile stretch of road along the western side of Strasbourg’s Grand île.  In just this stretch of road there is a Mexican, Chinese, Turkish, Japanese, a Spanish Tapas restaurant, and many more.  Grand’Rue is also the location of fine food stores to pick up special gifts or treats for yourself, including a tea shop, a Bruges chocolate shop, a cheese shop, and a confectioner.  Basically, you would have to work hard to starve here.

However, Grand’Rue isn’t just the foods, or even primarily the food shops.  This is also your street for clothes shopping, sporting goods, jewelry, lingerie, beauty supply, linens… you get the idea.  If you suddenly need a football, you can get it here.  Looking for face moisturizer? Bed sheets? Check.  Even the perfect cheese for your wine – Grand’Rue is the Strasbourg shopping spot for you.

Two yummy Strasbourg Shopping stops & practical needs:

  • Jeff de Bruges – fine chocolates
  • Le’Epicier Grand Cru – gourmet cheese shop
  • Columbia – activewear just like home
  • Northface – pricier activewear just like home
  • LaverieCaliwash – laundromat, just in case
  • U Express – Supermarket
  • Lula Popkin – a plus size clothing store, because I know it’s so much harder to find!


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Strasbourg, France:  Strasbourg shopping has something for everyone in the Grand île historic area.  Explore 3 best areas for shopping in Strasbourg and find what you need!

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