Foodhallen: Amsterdam Street Food Market

Looking for Amsterdam Street Food? Foodhallen Food Market Amsterdam brings all the best street food in Amsterdam under one roof!

Nearly every city I visit, I need to visit the food markets. A city’s food and attitude toward it is an essential part of experiencing the culture and local riches. So Barcelona has La Boqueria, Venice has Rialto food market, San Francisco has the Ferry Building, and Amsterdam has Foodhallen food market.

Amsterdam street food stall of Foodhallen food market Amsterdam

(Short) History of De Hallen & Foodhallen Street Food Market

A match made in Amsterdam foodie heaven.

History of Amsterdam Street Food Market

Years ago, some college friends had the idea of putting the best Amsterdam street food under one roof. Creating an Amsterdam street food market where people could gather. They were inspired by the Mercado San Miguel, Madrid’s food market, which hosts amazing food stalls serving tapas and treats. They wanted their Foodhallen to be a social gathering place with food options that appeal to anyone who comes.

Dehallen building housing Foodhallen food market Amsterdam

History of De Hallen Building

De Hallen building was originally built at the turn of the 20th century as a hub for the first electric trams in Amsterdam. It was used to store the trams, as well as repairs and maintenance. However, the building had been allowed to fall into disrepair and there was debate about tearing it down. Instead, talk came around to renovation and creating a neighborhood center for a variety of uses under one roof.

Foodhallen Amsterdam Street Food Market Today

Dehallen artists and shops

De Hallen Building Today

The lonely, dilapidated days of De Hallen are long over. Today the building still retains many original features, and it’s easy to see its past industrial use. But now De Hallen teams with activity. The one building now houses a public library, a UNESCO heritage site art deco movie theatre, a hotel, a bike shop, a Local Goods Shop that features local entrepreneurs, and of course Foodhallen Amsterdam. De Hallen has gotten an amazing new lease on life.

Street food market Amsterdam at Foodhallen

FoodHallen Today: Best Street Food in Amsterdam All Under One Roof

The dream of those college friends developed into the gastronomic delight of Amsterdam and its visitors. Foodhallen has become the the best food market in Amsterdam, and the place to sample the city’s street food. They have not just brought in food stalls, but the most varied, best street food in Amsterdam. If you are in the mood for authentic Amsterdam food market staples, you can have Dutch Bitterballs or Meatballs. Do you want sushi? You can have it. How about some Vietnamese street food, a bite of authentic Italian pizza, and finish it up with hand-made French pastry? Yep, this food market in Amsterdam delivers for you. It’s really a must visit when you are Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam Street Food Stands:

The available food stalls for your drooling pleasure: (scroll down for all the visiting details)

  • Bulls & Dogs – funky hotdogs & sausages
  • De Ballenbar – Culinary Bitterballs, an old Dutch snack given a unique update by Michelin star chef Peter Gast.
  • Fento –  a healthy, organic twist on Mexican street food
  • Dim Sum Thing – kinda self explanatory!
  • Mer du Nord – fresh, simple, but adventurous seafood
  • Holy Fried Chicken – take a wild guess! They say it’s so good you’ll throw up your arms in praise.
  • Jabugo Mar Iberico – distinctive, nutty, Iberico ham served all kinds of ways
  • Maza – Mediterranean delicacies & they have vegetarian, halal, kosher, and vegan options
  • Taqueria Lima – Mexican food classics and with a fresh twist.  Vegan options, too.
  • The Noodle Shop – Many noodle bowl options, Asian and otherwise. Vegan and gluten free options too.
  • Mr Temaki – Sushi and poke bowls with Japanese and Hawaiian influences
  • Padrón – Inspired by Spanish tapa Pimiento de Padrón, make smaller dishes with fresh, regional vegetables.
  • Petit Gateau – French pastry shop with all hand-made goods
  • Vietview – Vietnamese streetfood
  • Pita – Middle eastern cuisine: pitas, falafel
  • Renatos – Italy-imported ingredients making amazing pizza & antipasta
  • The Rough Kitchen – BBQ world champion!
  • Shirkhan – Mumbai street food
  • The Butcher – top-quality burgers
  • Yoghurt Barn – yoghurt prepared with organic dairy and plant-based topings
  • Dutch Meatball Company – Original Dutch meatballs, chicken meatballs, or even vegetarian options.  Served on a sandwich, over pasta.  With classic mayo/mustard/pickles, or a twist with Satay, Teriyaki, or Stroganoff.

Foodhallen Amsterdam Food Market stalls

Visiting Foodhallen Essentials:

Foodhallen Amsterdam Hours of Operation:

  • Sunday -Thursday: Noon to midnight
  • Friday & Saturday: Noon to 1am


  • Bellamyplein 51, 1053 AT Amsterdam, Netherlands


  • Paid Parking located under De Hallen

How to get to FoodHallen Amsterdam with Public Transit:

  • From Amsterdam Central Station: Take tram 17 to Osdorp Dijkgraafplein and get off at ten Katestraat. Foodhallen is just around the corner.
  • From Amsterdam Sloterdijk: Take tram 19 to Diemen and get off at Willem de Zwijgerlaan. From there it is a 10 minute walk.

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8 thoughts on “Foodhallen: Amsterdam Street Food Market

  1. One of my favorite parts of your article is the guide to the available food! That’s so helpful to have going into a market like this. Sounds amazing!

  2. Sounds like a fun street food market in Amsterdam and, in typical Amsterdam fashion, so international! True, Barcelona has la Boqueria, but this sounds much more multicultural. Interesting! Thanks for sharing

  3. Yes! We loved our evening at the Foodhallen. So many options for dinner. We had a drink at one spot and food at another.

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