Turbulent Musings

The plane suddenly drops, leaving my stomach three to five feet above my head, then lifts just as suddenly, and then the right wing lowers a bit and we all seem to slide down to the right before it bumps back up again. It’s going to be one of those flights.

Chao Phraya: The Water Taxi Experience

The water taxi coming in to accept new passengers. Bangkok Chao Phraya Water Taxi

Today, we remember with fondness(ish) the experience that is the Water Taxi on Chao Phraya, in the heart of Bangkok. As the wise philosopher, or hubby Scott, put it:  The Water Taxi on Chao Phraya is... an adventure for the senses. The people crowded around you, the rocking of the boat, the smell of water, … Continue reading Chao Phraya: The Water Taxi Experience

Thailand: Hitchhiking Koh Kood with Kids!

Our journey up the river was intended to bring us to the road where taxis pick up passengers, and our goal was a little waterfall about a kilometer and a half from where we were.  So, we arrived at the "intersection" and found... very little traffic.  And very little intersection. And the signage was... less … Continue reading Thailand: Hitchhiking Koh Kood with Kids!

Between Gate A22 and A14

"Should I run ahead?" she asked, a reflection of my stress in her eyes.

I only hesitate a moment before telling her, "Yes, go! Remember, Gate A14!" And she was off. I watched my recently turned 15-year-old daughter's head bob in and out and around people in the growing distance as I speed-walked farther and farther behind.