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Sometimes You Shouldn’t Translate the Menu

Much of the travel happening in our family recently has been the husband traveling for work.  Sadly, I have only been able to hitch a ride along once, since life and school and lessons and all still have to go on here at home.  This does, however, lead to some of the most amazing emails and

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Get Real Guide to Momcation Planning

The main fears I have have nothing to do with traveling alone. How about “How to Guilt Friends into Driving Carpool” and “Defending That Calendar Spot with Blood and Verbal Abuse 101.” Where are these postings people??

Turbulent Musings

The plane suddenly drops, leaving my stomach three to five feet above my head, then lifts just as suddenly, and then the right wing lowers a bit and we all seem to slide down to the right before it bumps back up again. It’s going to be one of those flights.

When TSA Makes You Laugh – In a Good Way

“Everything out of your pockets!  If you leave something in there, you’re going to get a little extra TLC from the TSA.  And if you are going to make us do that, we would prefer you buy us dinner first!” Kudos to him for making everyone’s least favorite part a little easier. First time I’ve

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The Great Disappearing Tuk Tuk

Ah yes, the Tuk Tuk ride.  The day we had a reasonable concern part of our party had been whisked off to parts unknown, never to be seen again.  That was an exciting time.  I’m telling you, we made memories on this trip! We had had our yummy lunch at <<Shoshanna Restaurant>>.  We had politely

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Bangkok: Khao San Road

It’s hard to imagine the humble origins of Khao San Road as layered sign after neon-colored sign beckons to you, offering everything from sustenance, to chachkies, to items of questionable legality. Those origins of the road are only alluded to in the name, which means ‘milled rice.’  The first hotel was a small one, serving

Fire Dancing in Koh Chang

Good News!  This post is not at all, not even the slightest bit, about us trying to fire dance, being burned by a fire dancer, or hitching a ride with a fire dancer.  Moms & Grandmas (and probably neurosurgeon and archery instructor who worry our antics)… You’re welcome. No one in our party attempted to

Thailand: Hitchhiking Koh Kood with Kids!

Our journey up the river was intended to bring us to the road where taxis pick up passengers, and our goal was a little waterfall about a kilometer and a half from where we were.  So, we arrived at the “intersection” and found… very little traffic.  And very little intersection. And the signage was… less

Thai Potties… The Traveler’s Divide

When traveling in Thailand, at some point, you are going to have to use a public restroom. I suppose it is technically possible to come and stay at a 4 star resort, at least a Thai 4 star which isn’t quite as spoiled as a US 4 star, and plan your days so that you

Airport Nirvana – The Dream is Real

Usually when I am in an airport, I’m with the family.  So, getting to the no-turning-back point on the other side of security can be stressful.  Twice we’ve had incidents going through security.  Once one daughter really did have water in her backpack after she was so sure she didn’t.  She was pulled out of

NYC: Pottys, Pedicabs, Adrenaline

Katie, Lydia and I are people-dodging our way down a loud and crowded street in New York City.  So far we have ducked in and out of two stores, and are desperately seeking one of the roughly four million Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts in the Times Square vicinity.  Finally, we round a corner and spot

Dulles to London, and scary birds in between!

Well, this is what we are taking.  These bags, and the four of us headed off on our European Tour.  I’m not even going to attempt the math, but many hours later we arrived at London Heathrow around noon London time.  We were tired to the point of a bit punchy and confused, but we