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Asiatique Bangkok Thailand Shopping Carnival Travel Photography Mekhong Ferris Wheel

Asiatique Night Market Bangkok

Asiatique Night Market Bangkok offers food, shopping, and Bangkok history. Plan a trip to this famous night market in Bangkok during your visit!

Original, wooden, spiral staircase in Morrin Centre library

Quebec City: Morrin Centre

Quebec City’s Morrin Centre has a history nearly as varied and long as Quebec itself. Touring this one building will walk you through periods of history and significant changes in the life of the city.

La Fresque du Petit-Champlain, depicting the history of life in the lower town.

Quebec City History in Murals

The murals of Quebec City tell the complex story of the city, the history of life and politics of a city so beloved by its inhabitants.  So here, I want to share with you the three murals I found the most beautiful and rich in history.

Crowds gathered for Fireworks in Heidelberg Germany. Traveling Happy Plans Ruined

Heidelberg: Deciding to Enjoy When Travel Goes Bad

Nothing that happened today was what I had planned.  Well, aside from the fact that we did actually make it to Heidelberg, and we did, in fact, eat dinner.  And, I’m happy.  I’m enjoying the chaos and mish-mash of languages, and just the feel of being in a festive foreign city.

Terasse Duffering Chateau Frontenac Quebec City Canada solo female travel solo mom travel

Momcation: 21st Century Means You’re Not Really Away

Momcation in today’s connected world makes it really hard to disconnect from home. It takes a purposeful act of will to leave it behind. Momcation Starts off Strong At home, I walk.  I walk almost every day of the week, out my front door, walking at least 7000 steps before coming home and making breakfast.

Why Choose Quebec City Canada Solo Female Travel Macarons

6 Reasons to Choose Quebec City for your First Solo Female Travel

I’ve been asked a lot why I chose Quebec City for my first Solo-MOM-Travel. It’s really something I debated about a lot, and let me tell why I’m glad I chose QC!

Momcation: How Others React

And, like clockwork, the husband got a call.  No! No! No! STOP right there!  We said, once I booked the flight, that was it, there could be no-take-backsies!  He had to throw down the wife card and refuse any travel.  I never pull that card.  But we said we were using it here.

door athens anafiotika greece architecture flowers

10 Beautiful Doors of Athens

I’m not sure what it is, but I take a lot of pictures of doors when I travel to any European city, and my time in Athens was no exception.  Europeans seem to be so much more creative and beautiful in their creation of doors than we are. So, when I get home, I always

Caryatids at the Acropolis. Map of Plaka Athens Things to Do

Athens Map of Top Things to Do

I’ve always struggled with blog postings like “Athens in a Day” and “Three Days in Florence.”  What that person wants to do in a day in Athens is almost never completely what I would choose to do.  Our priorities are all different as travelers, and if we spend our time trying to travel just like

Entrance to Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens. Map of Plaka Athens Things to Do

Athens: Metropolitan Cathedral & Mikri Mitropoli

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens is the church of the Archbishopric of Athens, and all of Greece.    Construction on the cathedral became in 1842, and it took three architects and 20 years to complete. The church used parts of 72 other churches, both derelict Byzantine churches, and churches razed for archaeological reasons, in it’s

Plaka Steps Restaurants

5 Top Places to Eat in Plaka

Eating.  It’s one of the best parts of travel as far as I’m concerned.  There are always new tastes and surprises, and often a completely new food that becomes a repeated treat during my stay, and a special memory. As you know from my map of things to do in Plaka, Athens, eating in Plaka

NYC in Photos

Every once in a while, my camera drags me to New York City – and I usually drag some family along so I can pretend we’re there for a show or a doctor’s appointment or something. Often, my strategy on hotels it to choose something with a pretty good location, but I don’t care about

Sometimes You Shouldn’t Translate the Menu

Much of the travel happening in our family recently has been the husband traveling for work.  Sadly, I have only been able to hitch a ride along once, since life and school and lessons and all still have to go on here at home.  This does, however, lead to some of the most amazing emails and

solo female mom travel humor how to

Get Real Guide to Momcation Planning

The main fears I have have nothing to do with traveling alone. How about “How to Guilt Friends into Driving Carpool” and “Defending That Calendar Spot with Blood and Verbal Abuse 101.” Where are these postings people??

Turbulent Musings

The plane suddenly drops, leaving my stomach three to five feet above my head, then lifts just as suddenly, and then the right wing lowers a bit and we all seem to slide down to the right before it bumps back up again. It’s going to be one of those flights.

Thailand traffic motorbike child crazy scary things we see

Things I Saw in Thailand Traffic

One of the things I really value about traveling, is that we have to learn to put our “Americanness” aside.  We realize that, while sometimes it does seem so, the whole world does not speak English.  The concept of “keeping up with the Joneses” is entirely different in other countries.  Safety regulations are wildly different.

Momcation: Considering Solo Travel… As a Mom

I am considering a ‘Momcation’ but… there’s a lot of guilt and questions that go along with trying that. The Me Before Husband and Kids Many, many moons ago, before I met my husband, I moved to a city in another state based on a phone discussion with one friend I had who had moved

Lunch in Ayutthaya

My husband, who has gone from Mr. Meat and Potatoes when we met and got married, to Mr. Texting Me Pictures of Silkworm Larvae and Octopus Balls (I’m not being crude there, that’s what it’s called on the menu.) when he is eating out for business travel, order this over our hosts frantic objections and warnings.

Ayutthaya Thailand Bangkok day trip travel with kids buddha head

Ayutthaya with Kids

Growing up in the United States, we don’t grow up with old.  When a building is 200 years old, we’re all “Ooooohhhhh, can you imagine?  This was built before great-grandma was born!”  The oldest structures we have to oooohh and aaaahhh over are things like the Richard Sparrow House, built in 1640 and the Wyckhoff

Paris: Musee d’Orsay

The first time around, as we walked down Quai Anatole France, the girls chattering away, looking at things like pigeons and trying to identify that yummy food smell.  I looked longingly at Musee d’Orsay as we walked by, knowing I wouldn’t be going in. When we were in Paris this past summer with our girls,

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