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Paris: Musee d’Orsay

The first time around, as we walked down Quai Anatole France, the girls chattering away, looking at things like pigeons and trying to identify that yummy food smell.  I looked longingly at Musee d’Orsay as we walked by, knowing I wouldn’t be going in. When we were in Paris this past summer with our girls,

Khaosan Road bangkok thailand travel with kids

Bangkok: Khao San Road

It’s hard to imagine the humble origins of Khao San Road as layered sign after neon-colored sign beckons to you, offering everything from sustenance, to chachkies, to items of questionable legality. Those origins of the road are only alluded to in the name, which means ‘milled rice.’  The first hotel was a small one, serving

The Reclining Buddha behind us, and one of the oldest temple complexes in Thailand is laid out around us.  The colors, the details, and the architecture are not at all western at all, which is, of course, exactly as it should be.  But it’s also a little disorienting to me.  Usually when traveling I love

Wat Pho: The Reclining Buddha

Stepping over the threshold into Wat Pho, I was surprised – and then surprised at my surprise, if you can follow that – at the size of the famous Reclining Buddha.  After all, in today’s day and age, we can easily view not only the professional, perfectly lit photos – but also a neverending supply

Fire Dancing in Koh Chang

Good News!  This post is not at all, not even the slightest bit, about us trying to fire dance, being burned by a fire dancer, or hitching a ride with a fire dancer.  Moms & Grandmas (and probably neurosurgeon and archery instructor who worry our antics)… You’re welcome. No one in our party attempted to

Koh Chang: Shopping, Smoothies & Monkey Warnings

Our one non-medical outing while staying at the Mercure, was when the Moms decided we had to go into “town” in the daylight – instead of during an emergency run to the pharmacy. When we announced our plan, two girls decided they wanted to come along, as long as it involved a lot of shade.

Paris: Wego Walking Tour

Saturday, our first full day in Paris, and we had a walking tour with Wego Walking Tours.  From what I read, they are unique because there is no charge for the tour.  As long as you show up.  If you don’t show, they do have your credit card information and will charge 20 euro.  But

Hampton Court Palace

In 1494, Giles Daubeney, later Lord Chamberlain, leased and modernized the medieval manor of Hampton Court.  So, 113 years before the founding of Jamestown, Hampton Court Manor was being modernized.  That’s so hard for this American girl to really process. Then in 1515, 500 years ago, having leased the property the year before, Cardinal Thomas Wolsey