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Anafiotika in Photos

If you are not going to be exploring the Greek islands, but want a bit of the Greek island feel in the heart of Athens, Anafiotika is the place to get it.


Make your way to the area of Priantiou and Stratonos streets, and then start winding your way up the hillside that climbs to toward the Acropolis, you will be making your way through Anafiotika.


The neighborhood came into being in the 1840s, when workers from the islands were brought to Athens to work on refurbishing King Othon’s palace.  The workers were given this land to build homes for themselves, and they built up the hillside, in a way reminiscent of the islands from where they had come.


The “streets” are no more than narrow alleyways, and I had concerns at times that we were walking through private areas, but these are atually the streets.  None of them named, and the houses only identified as “Anafiotika 1,” “Anafiotika 2,” etc.


The homes of Anafiotika are still inhabited by descendants of the original inhabitants from the islands.



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