Art in Paradise: Kid & Camera Fun

For our last day in Thailand, parts of our party are dragging.  This has been wonderful and exciting and perception-changing and educational… and exhausting.  So, today, the vote is for something inside, out of the heat, and a schedule that is not at all demanding.

So, we decided to visit Art in Paradise in Esplanade Shopping Mall.  Air conditioned kid & camera fun!


Art in Paradise bills itself as “The First 3D Art Museum in Bangkok” and it is filled with art that appears 3D once you photograph it from the correct angle.  Like this that seems to be popping off the wall when I photograph it from one angle:


But this angle shows how it is actually painted on the wall:


Pretty inventive, right?

We spent quite a while with our kids exploring all the different scenes and optical illusions throughout the museum, while we took tons of fun photos.


Aw, look!  I found myself a treasure!  ðŸ˜€


We title these two Anachronism:


I think this is how she sees herself in her head:


But maybe the funniest photo shoot of the day, was this… it starts out all pretty and cute.  Two of our girls posing together:


And it gets awkward… because… um… who is this guy, and why is he getting in a boat with our girls??  I love their faces here:


There’s sort of an unwritten etiquette, that you allow others to ‘play through’ getting their photos first, and then you step up as they move on.  This dude didn’t get the memo.  Our girls don’t quite know what to do.


Oh!  And we’re waving.  Ok!  Hi!!  We’ll have you forever memorialized in our photos!

ArtParadiseFunny 4

We moms who were with these two girls were no help at all.  These pics aren’t entirely in focus because I was laughing so hard I couldn’t quite get a steady shot.  We were laughing and taking pictures and going with it.  The poor girls weren’t quite sure what they were supposed to do!

And then there was my favorite group shot of the girls:


Once we had gotten our fill of photos and exploring at Art in Paradise, we went down to the first floor of the mall.  And yes, we ate at McDonald’s in Thailand.  Sometimes, a kid just has to have a burger.



For more information go to the Art in Paradise Website HERE

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