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10 Beautiful Doors of Athens

I’m not sure what it is, but I take a lot of pictures of doors when I travel to any European city.  They are so much more creative and beautiful in their creation of doors than we are.

So, when I get home, I always have these random door pictures throughout all the rest that I take.  Today, I share my 10 favorite doors photos from Athens with you!

Starting with a flower-strewn beauty from Anafiotika:

door athens anafiotika greece architecture flowers

And another Anafiotika:

Red & Yellow Door

See my Photo Tour of Anafiotika here.

And this beauty alongside a cafe…

door photography plaka athens greece

Even the simpler doors are elegant.

WarmYellow Door

I love this guy, with his mobile phone:

door plaka athens greece travel photography


Even the doors that are clearly past their prime are beautiful:

Green Grate WindowGreen Grafitti Door

And the ones that have ventured in to the abandoned and dilapidated category:

Dilapidated DoorGreen Abandoned Door

‘Night all!

Night Door


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Doors of Athens- A beautiful and worn collection of photographs of doors in the heart of Athens.

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