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Asiatique Bangkok Thailand Shopping Carnival Travel Photography Mekhong Ferris Wheel

Asiatique Night Market Bangkok

Asiatique Night Market Bangkok offers food, shopping, and Bangkok history. Plan a trip to this famous night market in Bangkok during your visit!

Dominique creating a silk scarf design in Soierie Huo. Quebec City shopping artisan souvenirs.

Quebec City: Where to Buy Authentic Souvenirs

Quebec City guide to shopping for artisan souvenirs: information, photos & locations for shops that provide unique souvenirs made in Quebec and Canada.

Caryatids at the Acropolis. Map of Plaka Athens Things to Do

Athens Map of Top Things to Do

I’ve always struggled with blog postings like “Athens in a Day” and “Three Days in Florence.”  What that person wants to do in a day in Athens is almost never completely what I would choose to do.  Our priorities are all different as travelers, and if we spend our time trying to travel just like

Lamp inside Melissinos, the Poet Sandal Maker's, shop. Map of Plaka Athens Things to Do

Melissinos, The Poet Sandal-Maker

Months before departing on our trip, I knew one of my stops in Athens would be Melissinos Sandal Shop.  I also knew that Scott would be bored out of his mind there, so I would have to either go without him, or make it a short stop – no matter how accommodating Scott was trying