Quebec City Souvenirs – Shopping Guide

Updated: May 2022 Quebec Souvenir Guide: Read on to learn what to buy in Quebec City, and the best shopping locations for locally- made, artisan souvenirs.

Before visiting, I researched what to buy in Quebec City.  I always something home – for me and the family – and my preference is unique, preferably locally-made, Quebec souvenirs.  So, as explored, was sure to stop at shopping locations I had scouted online, and also ducked into shops that seemed promising.   Here you can benefit from my crazy research need!

What to buy in Quebec City:

Artisan Quebec Souvenirs

Listed first because it’s always my preference – I love items made by local artist.

  • Painting
  • Artisan created clothing piece
  • Woven or knit art (or clothing)
  • Glass or wooden sculpture
  • Copper embossed pieces

Foodie Souvenirs in Quebec City

There are so many foodie souvenirs to choose from in Quebec City, the problem will be not eating everything before you get home!

  • Maple products
  • Microbrewery, local ciders, berry or ice wine
  • Fine chocolates

Historic and First Nation Souvenirs from Quebec

I have a truly disturbing number of books and maps in my home.  Yet there’s somehow always room for one more.  And the silver jewelry is beautiful.

  • Books on Quebec City history
  • Historic map of Quebec
  • Get your plaid on – a shirt or any clothing
  • Inuit art – sculptures, graphic art, silver jewelry

Shopping in Quebec City for Souvenirs

Here’s the big question – where is the best shopping in Quebec City for these authentic souvenirs? 

The following list of shops and locations were the places I wound up spending the most time browsing, and sometimes buying.  All of them are heavily weighted toward Canadian and Quebec souvenirs.  So, if you are planning on some similar shopping, I give you my list help you focus the time you have.  Be sure to scroll to the bottom for the google map of the locations.


Rue du Tresor

Rue du Tresor art street. Quebec City shopping.
Rue du Tresor, Quebec City art street

Rue du Tresor translates as “Treasure Street,” which is fairly appropriate for this little corner of Quebec City.  Since the 1960s, this short little pedestrian street has been home to the art of local artists, hanging on the walls and for sale to passers-by.  Currently, approximately 35 artists display their work on the large, fold-out, wooden walls that are closed and locked up at the end of the night – or in case of bad weather.

The artwork is in oils to watercolors to pen and ink, and while there is an abundance of Quebec City scenes to take home, there are more classic still-lifes, florals, and abstracts if that’s more your style.  If you are shopping for a packable piece of art for your wall to remind you of your time in Quebec City, Rue du Tresor is an excellent stroll, easily located in the center of the tourist area.

  • Address: Rue du Tresor, Ville de Quebec, QC G1R, Canada


Artisans de la Cathedrale

Artisans de la Cathedrale colorful booths. Quebec City shopping artisan souvenirs.
Artisans de la Cathedrale colorful booths.

During the summer, fifteen local artisans come together to create Artisans de la Cathedrale, the colorfully painted, wooden booth shops along a little path beside the Cathedral of St. Trinity.  Here, you can find jewelry, pottery, sweaters, and leather bags, among other things.  Also a selling point?  A crepe stand!  Mmmmm…

For me, I was shopping for Jewelry.  I try to travel light, and jewelry is always easy to take home.  So that was my treat to myself while I was there. 🙂

  • Address:  22 Rue Sainte-Anne, VIlle de Quebec, QC G1R 3X3, Canada


Artisans Canada

Artisans Canada shop interior.
Artisans Canada shop interior.

Artisans Canada is a store front along the Cote de la Fabrique that represents more than 100 artists from Quebec and Canada.  The items in the shop include jewelry, leather goods, sweaters, hats, scarves, and many other goodies for both men and women.  I was most interested in a shawl/sweater that could be worn multiple ways.

  • Address:  30 Cote de la Fabrique, Ville de Quebec, QC G1R 3V7, Canada



Enrico chocolate shop interior. What to buy in Quebec City, Chocolate!
Enrico chocolate shop interior.

Ok, now lets get tasty for a moment.  This shop is outside the historic city center, but the walk down rue Saint-Jean is shorter than it looks, and Saint-Jean is lined with restaurants and shops, so it’s likely you’ll find yourself strolling it at some point.   Whenever possible, the answer to what to buy in any city, including Quebec City, should be chocolate. And if you are shopping for chocolate in Quebec City, the answer is Erico.  

Erico has handmade chocolates, hot chocolates, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, ice cream – all made on site!  And if you are shopping for a chocolate gift to take home, the wrapping is kind of  adorable, and survived all the way home for me.

Enrico chocolate shop gift package. Quebec City shopping .
Enrico chocolate shop gift package.

Connected to the shop is a small chocolate museum that tells the history of chocolate.  It seemed a little hokey to me at first, but it does have an artifact showing a women, I’m assuming harvesting chocolate, and they created a chocolate sculpture of that artifact.  Ok, that just has to make you grin, right?  The part I like the most is at the back of the museum where you can watch the chocolate making process of Erico if they are in production mode.

  • Address: 634 rue Saint-Jean, Quebec, QC G1R 1P8, Canada


Marche du Vieux Port

Marche du Vieux Port entrance sign.  Quebec City shopping artisan souvenirs.
Marche du Vieux Port Entrance.

Also filled with tasty – as well as other – goodies, is Le Grand Marche de Quebec.  This is a great stop if you like the look of my post about the Ile d’Orleans produce and tastings, but aren’t going to get there. Or if you go there but need a refill because you ate all the goodies you bought (I feel your pain), Le Grand March is like the Farmers Market for Ile d’Orleans.

Flower shop in Marche du Vieux Port.
Flower shop in Marche du Vieux Port.

In 1640, at the beginnig of the colony, the first “Place du Marche” began.  Today, the variety of Canadian goods is mind boggling.  I found myself shopping teas, jewelry, sweaters, fudge, and home-made jams, while admiring flowers, vegetable plants, herbs, all kinds of sweets.  And there are stands for sausages, pies, wines, seafood… it really is an amazing variety of local goods and produce.

As an added bonus, there is a little cafe in the middle of the Le Grand Marche with inside seating, and some beautiful outside seating overlooking the marina.  The grilled cheese made with brie, mushroom, and bacon with an onion confit is worth the mid-shopping pause.

  • Address:  160 Quai Saint-André, Ville de Québec, QC G1K 3Y2, Canada
Praline & Chocolate shop in Marche du Vieux Port. What to buy in Quebec City, foodie stop.
Praline & Chocolat shop in Marche du Vieux Port.


Soierie Huo

Dominique creating a silk scarf design in Soierie Huo.  Quebec City shopping artisan souvenirs.
Dominique creating a silk scarf design in Soierie Huo.

Last, but definitely not least, is La Soierie Huo.  In my family, we joke about my need for a 12-step-program for scarves.  The obsession began in Italy over 10 years ago, and I still can’t help but buy a scarf in nearly every international city I visit. It makes part of my answer to what to buy in Quebec City much easier. When I chose Quebec City for my first solo travel, I was keeping my eye out for a special one to commemorate this trip. 

Colorful, hand painted, silk scarves in Soierie Huo.
Colorful, hand painted, silk scarves in Soierie Huo.

But then I came inside, and found Dominique Huot in the process of hand painting her latest silk creation.  It was absorbing to watch her concentrate and work on details, step back to take it in, step up and tweak another spot.

I made my way around the shop, looking at all the different patterns and sizes, while Dominique encouraged me to untie any I liked to try them on and see the full patterns.  After a LOT of consideration, I knew which pattern I wanted, but couldn’t find it in the size I wanted.  Dominique asked how long I would be in town, and told me she could have what I wanted ready in a couple of days.

Soierie Huo shop interior. Quebec City shopping artisan souvenirs.
Soierie Huo shop interior.

So that’s what I did, returning two mornings later to pick up my long, poppy-design scarf.  I love it.  <3

  • Address: 91 Rue du Petit Champlain, Ville de Quebec, QU G1K 4H5 Canada


That’s my list of the best shops to find locally made, Quebec and Canadian, souvenirs in Quebec City.  Enjoy your Quebec City shopping!

Looking for somewhere to stay while in Quebec City?  Check out Manoir de la Terrasse for a stay that is kind to the pocketbook & unbeatable location!

Quebec City guide to shopping for artisan souvenirs: information, photos & locations for shops that provide unique souvenirs made in Quebec and Canada.


Map Quebec City Souvenir Shopping Locations:  

Click on the image to go to a Google map and navigate.

Map of Quebec City shopping locations for artisan souvenirs


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  1. Treasure Street and Erico sound amazing (as do the others)! I love buying edible goodies as souvenirs for friends and family back home – they’re always a crowd favorite and rarely go to waste!

    1. Edibles are so great for my teen girls. They love getting a little goodie bag when I get home, and I love that’s it doesn’t contain little useless trinkets that will just gather dust in their already cluttered rooms!

    1. I wear them a lot, too! My family just keeps walking if they see me get caught up in scarf shopping. They know this is an addiction for me.

    1. Oh, Yay! Glad to provide a little virtual shopping experience for you. The real thing’s better, trust me! 😀

    1. It was mezmerizing to watch her work. I love that it’s something so easily pack-able to take home and on other travels. <3

    1. Doesn’t it look fun? I was drawn in right away. I love all the color, and I always like glasswork. I bought a little glass ring holder with different blue colored glass swirled through it.

  2. Quebec sounds like a cool place to visit. Those scarves are beautiful. I love to buy on of those scarves as well 🙂 And Chocolate museums are great too! I visited one in Barcelona once.

    1. Thank you! Was a little bit of learning to do that, but I always appreciate maps in other people’s blogs!

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  4. Now that is in-depth guide to a city. Quebec is a city I have heard a lot about but still don’t know near enough about, there seems to be a lot of art and fashion in the city and you have captivated it so well. Nice read.

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  6. You had us at Erico and the long list of their chocolate goodies. Can’t resist a good dessert, so will be paying this spot a visit very soon. Hopefully the packaging is difficult enough to unwrap, otherwise these won’t last until home. Thanks!

  7. Oh, that Rue du Tresor sounds just like a place I would spend an afternoon strolling around. 🙂 Love local products and souvenirs. It’s touristy, I know, but I am a tourist, traveler who likes to be reminded of good times she had on her journeys. 😉 So, Fusion&Colors would also be the place to go. 🙂

  8. So colourful! If I happen to be Quebec will make sure to spend some time at Rue du Tresor or the at the Marche du Vieux Port

  9. I was I had seen this list before! When I was in Quebec, I came across quite a few artisan shops and some of the things they made were incredible! Such a pity that I missed the chocolate shop

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