Up a River… in Koh Kood, Thailand

Our first morning sailing the islands we took our dingy ashore for breakfast and a half-day trip.  Breakfast was at the Captain Hook Resort, which had some Thai, other Asian, and also a couple of western options on their breakfast bar.  Sort of.  Be careful of the fish sauce dangerously close to the pancakes.  Not Yummy.

We found the western options on the bar to be fairly consistently true no matter where we went, so if you are willing to be a little flexible on how your eggs are done, you have no real reason to fear the food in Thailand.  Of course, it’s far more fun to be selectively adventurous when eating, but you don’t have to be too much so if you don’t want to.


There are also restaurants and resorts that are accessible by boat in many spots, so it made it very easy for us to shuttle in for meals ashore as we wanted.  We did have food on The Meridian, but also wanted to be doing day trips, so this worked out well.


Once we had our meal, we knew we wanted to head in the direction of a waterfall, however, this first necessitated a ride up the river.  This was starting to truly feel like a different world.  The foliage was different, there were nice little huts (we think affiliated with the resort nearby)…


There was the dilapidated and seemingly abandoned…


And the places tapping into the tourists coming in and out…


But there was also a lot of just quiet stretches.  Look at how clear this water is…


The Thai boats gathered in different pockets along the shore occassionally…


And this place with a confusing array of laundry hung to dry?  Maybe laundry taken in from a resort?  We’re not sure.


Ooh… this looks like a nice stop… Massage hut right along the river…


It was beautiful and peaceful as we cruised along to the dock that would take us up to the road.  Then it got interesting.  ðŸ™‚

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