10 Inviting Doors of Venice, Italy

Yes, here I am with another post about Doors.  This time I’m sharing photos of some of my favorite Doors of Venice, Italy.  (You can also check out my post on Doors of Paris and Doors of Athens.)

It’s a sickness.  An addiction, really.  I take photos of doors as I travel, especially in Europe, because there seems to be such a wealth of interesting and photogenic doors.  So, as I walk the streets, always camera in hand, I am compelled to take pictures of the unique doors that catch my eye.

Doors of Venice Italy Europe Travel Photography

I love Venice.  I’ve been there twice, and it’s still a city I would return to in a heartbeat.  I know some don’t like it these days, and the city is struggling under the weight of the very tourism that is its economic life-blood.

In the coming weeks, I will be sharing more of our photos and experiences from our most recent trip, and the subject-matter will reflect our purposeful approach to the city.  There are things you have to see, like the Piazza San Marco, that during certain seasons and at certain times of day are just… well, awful.  Our goal was to be in and out of Piazza San Marco before noon when it would become necessary to rent a cow-catcher to make it through the mobs.

I enjoyed quieter sites, like the Gallerie dell’Accademia, where I found this beauty:

Doors of Venice Italy Europe Travel Photography

We spent more time than most tourists in this city, nearly a week, and a number of hours just making our way by foot from one neighborhood to another, wandering through the back streets that aren’t nearly as traveled.  Scott has become a total enabler with my door obsession during these walks.  Sometimes he’ll spot a good door before I do, and point it out, stepping out of the way and waiting patiently while I take several quick photos.

I’m often more drawn to the more dilapidated doors I find.  They seem to have so much more character, and you can imagine a far more interesting history.  These look nearly abandoned:

Doors of Venice Italy Europe Travel PhotographyDoors of Venice Italy Europe Travel Photography

Venice Door 12

Venice Door 5

This door was tucked into the side of the building right beside our hotel.  It’s so ornate, and I’m sure each of these panels has meaning, or at least did at one time.  No idea now:

Doors of Venice Italy Europe Travel Photography


Venice is such a unique city, with a rich, fascinating history.  It would be terribly sad to see it decline, and/or turn into a Disney version of itself.  With the city slowly sinking, enormous cruise ships unloading stunning swarms of day tourists, and with locals being forced out by rising housing costs – partially due to the skyrocketing number of airbnb and vrbo housing options, the city is in a precarious position.

Quintessential Venice, these doors are right on a canal, so the residents can pull up in their boat and enter:

Doors of Venice Italy Europe Travel Photography

Doors of Venice Italy Europe Travel Photography

I’m a mom and travel blogger, and I don’t pretend to have answers to these problems.  Nor would anyone with sense be seeking me out for any answers.  But, I do hope this beautiful city continues to be able to share it’s unique personality with travelers for a long time to come.

This door photo is a favorite,a s this elegant woman was kind enough to color coordinate and walk right in front of me:

Doors of Venice Italy Europe Travel Photography

Stay tuned for more Venice posts.


Doors of Venice Italy - Travel photography of the unique architecture of this beautiful European city.

Doors of Venice Italy - Travel photography of the unique architecture of this beautiful European city.


32 thoughts on “10 Inviting Doors of Venice, Italy

  1. I have yet to visit Venice and hope it doesn’t change too much by the time I get there. It’s crazy how much Airbnb has changed things for the better but also in this case has made for a very complicated situation.

    1. The whole AirBnB and VRBO thing is so complicated. I’ve used them myself, and really, it’s my preferred way to stay in a city (though the husband prefers a hotel). But I see the struggle with how it changes the whole housing market for popular cities. Really a tough spot!

  2. Ha! I think you must be my spirit animal! I also LOVE doors! And I love Venice! And it’s good to hear that you have a door-obsession enabler keeping you company! I’d say that’s good company to have! 🙂 😉 Off to check out your Paris and Athens doors now! Thanks!

  3. Photographing doors is in indeed addictive. Haha! They have such a mysterious charm! Loved looking at your photos..

  4. What an awesome perspective! I’ve been to Venice as well and loved its old city charm. Doors may so much about a city. So lovely!

  5. Love this idea! I love roaming the streets and doing street photography in general, never really thought about focusing on a particular subject before. Great photos, keep this series up!

  6. Wow these are amazing! I bet that one door was telling a story of what went on in there at some point in time. Check out the hashtag #IHaveThisThingWithDoors on IG. You would love it.

    1. Yes! I have a ton of window shots, too. I’m going to do a post on that, hopefully up 10/25. 😀 In venice, they are gorgeous!

  7. I really need to pay more attention to doors! I love architecture but can’t say that I’ve noticed doors in this way. When I get to Venice, I will be on the look out! They are beautiful works of art!

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