Koh Kood Relaxation

This day on Koh Kood was to rest, relax, and enjoy the beautiful tropical weather.  And to have what turned out to be maybe the best meal we had out in a restaurant our whole trip.  The meal we compared the other meals to… but we’ll get to that.

We had anchored off the coast of Koh Kood for the night, and being ruled by the sun, we were up early, enjoying our on-the-boat breakfast with a beautiful view of the island and beach.

That beach was our destination for the morning – just playing, relaxing, snorkeling, and kayaking.  Ahhh….

The strip of land we were on was a narrow penninsula between the sea, and the river that came down to meet the sea off to one side of us.  It mean that we got to enjoy both the beach on one side, and the river bank and passing boats on the other.  Two of our girls found a creative way to entertain themselves there!

Except for a brief visit from a Soi Dog (more on that concept later), nothing exciting happened – which was the whole plan.  ðŸ™‚


Can you see the tracks of the little sand crab?   We watched him for a bit.  That’s how high adrenaline this morning on the beach was.


After our relaxing beach time, we were ready for one of our main past-times in Thailand, eating!  Again, Dmitri had scoped out the options for us, and I have to say, this find was one of the best meals we had in Thailand.

The Banana Frappe was what every banana smoothie/frappe would be compared to for the rest of our time.  The pineapple fried rice made us order pineapple fried rice several more times throughout our trip, because we couldn’t have that just once.

Add to that a soothing view of the river, direct boat access, completely open air and funky, colorful tables and chairs all made for an excellent respite.  High marks for Mangrove Bungalow.

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