Snacking Through the Back Soi

It seems many of our memories of Thailand revolve around food.  (Come to think of it, a lot of our memories of a lot of our travel revolve around food.  Note to self, examine our family’s relationship with food…)


On this particular day, we took a walk down an easy-to-miss back street, near the American embassy, filled with Thai food vendors.  In Thai, “soi” means “street,” so when this is called the “back soi” it’s literally just the “back street.”


This alleyway led to this Thai, partially open air, food court.


There was stall after stall surrounding the eating area with many unidentifiable lunch options.


These three really enjoyed offering me different foods, laughing at me if I was hesitant to take a sample.


And there was quite the line for this place.


Mmmm… I was glad to see our girls willing to try a couple of things, at least!


I was fascinated by the sheer variety in this little corner.  The umbrella after umbrella with different goods underneath.  Some fresh produce, some beverages, some smoothie makers, and food after food after food.


Our last stop after moving on with our day, was our friend’s favorite beverage stand…


Kind of makes my Domino’s order in tonight seem so very boring.

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