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I did one whole post of Windows of Assissi previously because I had so very many cool windows I had photographed in the town.  But Assissi was not at all limited to the windows, so here’s a look at other sites.

As you approach Assissi, it really is beautiful.  A cluster of white buildings, dominated by the basilica, all perched on a hill.  If you are not looking out the window and appreciating it as you arrive, go back and do it again.

Assissi Approach Watermark

One of the more memorable aspects of Assissi for me, is that the entire town is very much built on a hill.  It is a steep walk up through the winding streets.

Assissi Corner Watermark

We had been driving for a while, so one of our first stops was for food.  I love the ceiling, and the fact that so many little business and otherwise mundane locations have such unique touches and beautiful brickwork.

Assissi Lunch Watermark

Then it was on to our main tourist stop for the day, St. Francis Basilica.  It is the primary site in the city, and incredibly beautiful.  When someone travels Europe, especially Italy, and says they have no interest in seeing the churches, I just have trouble comprehending.  I’m not Catholic, so these locations do not have significant spiritual meaning for me, but they are beautiful.  The stone/marble and frescoes in the Upper Basilica are absolutely breath-taking.  I stood in one spot with my head craned back, staring at the ceiling and turning in slow circles for probably 10 straight minutes, and then only moved to sit down so I could do so more comfortably.

Unfortunately they do ask for no photography inside the actual basilica, so you will have to go see for yourself.  I just have an outside photos for you.

Assissi Church Watermark

From the garden and grounds:

AssissiStFrancisCarving WatermarkAssissiFrancisStatue Watermark

Assissi Pax Wandertoes

And two from the Friary next door.  The intricate scroll-working on the fence and gate are marvelous.

Assissi Church Courtyard Watermark

AssissiGateView Watermark

Then we started to make our way up through the town.  It is a hike, and uphill all the way, so be ready for it, and bring some water.  And if you think the main road (always makes me smile a bit to call the lanes in these towns “main roads”) is a hike, you should see the side “streets.”

Assissi Steps Watermark

Surprised by this view around a corner:

Assissi Arch View Watermark

We reached the Piazza del Commune part way up, and decided that would make a great coffee/wine break spot.  So we sat down and had a relaxing and tasty, people-watching, rest time.  This is one of my favorite things to do when traveling.  Different groups of tourists drifting in groups,  couples here and there touring on their own, the occasional local much more directed in their path and not staring up at buildings.  I love watching them and guessing and who they are, where they are from and where they are going, why they are here today.  This day was quite crowded in Assissi, so a little more available people to watch then I would prefer.

Assissi Farmacia Waternark

The remains of our stop, and while not technically aesthetically pleasing, still one of my favorite photos because it shows the remnants of a great time of talking, laughing, and sipping together.

Assissi Coffee Watermark

View from the other side…


Assissi Square Watermark

Piazza del Commune also has Santa Maria sopra Minerva.  We didn’t go inside, but I did take a couple pictures of the exterior.

Assissi Santa Maria Watermark

Assissi Columns Watermark

We continued along Corso Giuseppe Mazzini to Piazza Santa Chiara.  If you are there and have the chance take in the view from this Piazza, make it happen.  Especially if you are there at dusk.  The valley lights coming on, and glowing brighter as the daylight fades, beautiful and therapeutically relaxing.

AssissiDuskView Watermark

On the stroll back down the winding road, the stores were filled with warm light that spilled out on the sidewalk.  This was a favorite.  Doesn’t it just make you want to but a snack for the road?  It’s located on Via Portica if you want to find it.  🙂

Assissi Cacio Pepe Watermark

Thanks for joining me!

~ From November 2012 Trip ~




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