Windows of Assissi

These are from a trip I actually took several years ago, but in preparing to return to Italy, I began browsing my old pictures.  The last time I was in Italy I was with my Dad and Step-mom, which as an adult is very different than those kid vacations you remember growing up.  We travel well together, being interested in similar things, wanting to indulge in the same areas and likewise agreeing on what’s not worth our time.

But as I was browsing, I was struck by how many photos I have of windows in Assissi.  Clearly it’s something I was caught up in that day, and I was drawn back to the these photos: collecting, editing, and now posting.

Some were somewhat basic, but I still love the detailing and the harmony of soothing colors.

AssissiShutteredWindow Watermark

AssissiWindowGrid Watermark

Yes, yes, insert Madonna joke here:

AssissiDoubleWindow Watermark

AssissiBarredWindow Watermark

But this one particularly stuck with me, the simplicity?  Warmth?  I use it as my wallpaper on my computer.

AssissiOrangeFLower Watermark

Then there were the icons set into walls like windows.  We would just be strolling, and realize one of these were on a nondescript section of wall beside us.

AssissiMadonnaWindow Watermark

AssissiMadonnaCenteredWindow Watermark

In my collection there are also several photos of walls of windows.  I love the layers, the flowers, the unnecessary but wonderful decorating of the space.

AssissiHotelPallotta Watermark

AssissiFlowerWall Watermark

AssissiStepsWindow Watermark

And last, but not least, the one that still makes me giggle.  St. Francis, watching you while you shoe shop, and he’s more than a little concerned over what you are planning to spend.

AssissiShoestoreJesus Watermark

Thanks for taking a stroll down memory lane with me.


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