Doors of Paris

As we arrived at our apartment in Paris, I immediately loved the door we entered through from the street.  It was big, and green, and heavy, and I just thought it was great.


ParisGreenAptDoor Watermark

But then we got into the interior courtyard, and this was our interior entrance…


ParisGreenCourtyardDoor Watermark

This is one of the things I so love about Europe – the details.  Entrances to otherwise non-descript buildings have beautiful or quirky, or grand touches that keep my interest.  So I started taking pictures of doors as we passed interesting ones…


ParisWhiteDoor Watermark

ParisBurgundyDoor Watermark



ParisBlackDoor Watermark - Copy

ParisOcreDoor Watermark


ParisBlueDoor Watermark - Copy

ParisGreenDoor Watermark

ParisBlueDoor2 Watermark - Copy

And then, my favorite door in Paris I actually spotted while sitting in the second level of a McDonalds, sipping a coffee (don’t judge me!  Sometimes you need a bathroom stop, and McD’s is a reliable source!).  So after finishing my coffee and making notes in my journal, I went straight to this great one…

ParisCrazyDoor Watermark

How excellent is that?

Doors of Paris



24 thoughts on “Doors of Paris

    1. Thanks for stopping by! And I completely agree about Paris. After being there twice, my husband is under orders, if he is ever asked by his employer to work in Paris, he is to answer “Yes!” without hesitation. 🙂 A girl can dream.

  1. Yes! I’m right there with you. I would love to try it. Every once in a while, I go on sites looking at places to buy in and around Paris, Florence, London. I keep hoping we’ll get the chance.

  2. Hello there – I found this post by doing a tag search for doors. What a wonderful collection. The weathered one with the 36-34 on either side is my favorite.
    I host a weekly series on my blog called #ThursdayDoors where folks from all over come by to share posts about doors.
    Please feel free to swing by and ad your post to the linkup list so other door lovers can find it. And you’ll also meet a whole bunch of other door nuts there too – cheers!

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